Greece: Tameio-Athens statement on the assault of Panayotis Aspiotis


Today on the 6th of February, our anarchist comrade Panayotis Aspiotis was meant to be transferred from Nauplio Prison to Korydallos for his interrogation on Monday by Eftychis Nicolopoulos. However, he was unexpectedly taken to the removal center on Petrou Ralli street where he was isolated and led to an area with no CCTV. He was vicously attacked by cops in balaclavas of the counter-terrorism unit who attempted to violently take a sample of his DNA. The uniformed pigs hit him on the head and hit him on the ribcage and the rest of his body. Eventually they managed to get a DNA sample during their second attempt since the first time the comrade swallowed the cotton bud they had used. After taking his DNA they continued to hit him in the ribcage for a long time in order to set an example.

Interogator Eftychis Nicolopoulos, the counter-terrorism unit and the left-wing Ministry of Justice are exclusively responsible for this attack and we will stand against them. Let them know nothing remains unanswered from the people of struggle.

TAMEIO-Athens (Solidarity Fund for Prisoners and Persecuted Fighters)

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by BlackCat)

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2 Responses to Greece: Tameio-Athens statement on the assault of Panayotis Aspiotis

  1. Thanks, we’ve edited the post


  2. yetstill says:

    [this text is not of DAK]
    this is written by Tameio-Athens


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