Greece: Aspiotis’ lawyer comments on the torture his client endured in prison


Vassilis Papastergiou, legal representative of anarchist prisoner Panayotis Aspiotis published a statement regarding the prisoner’s condition after being tortured by members of the counter-terrorism unit.

On Saturday, February 6th, my client Panayotis Aspiotis was coerced into providing a DNA sample following a brutal physical assault against him. During this violent operation, my client was beaten and as a result sustained injuries on his head, thorax, abdomen, ribs and neck. It’s worth noting that he was referred to a medical doctor for tests only after my visit to jail, where he was confined for hours without any medical care.

According to the law, provision of DNA samples is mandatory but the process must be done in a way that is respectful and does not violate the dignity of the individual. There is a clear distinction between the obligatoriness of DNA provision and any physical form of violence exercised against the accused.

Regarding the case of my client, it is obvious that every boundary has been crossed. The acts of violence and the assault on the body of the prisoner (which continued after the DNA sample was received) are beyond the limit set by law and constitute illegal actions. My client will proceed to all necessary actions as determined by law for the perpetrators to be held accountable for the illegal actions perpetrated against him.

Vassilis Papastergiou

(via Omnia TV)

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