April 2018: Blog / Project on Hiatus…


04.04.18: As of this date the online project Insurrection News is on hiatus. It’s uncertain at this stage whether this will be short-term or permanent, in any case the blog and it’s contents will remain as an archive as will our twitter feed.

We’d like to thank everybody who has contributed in any way to this project since its inception, there are too many of you to thank individually, but know that your contributions and assistance over the past couple of years have been greatly appreciated.

Whilst this online anarchist counter-information project has now become inactive for the foreseeable future, there are plenty of other projects of a similar nature that are still very much in existence and worth supporting – you can find the majority of them in the links section of this blog.

This project may have ceased for now, but as always – nothing is over, everything continues. Besides, anarchy is so much more than a virtual / on-screen representation of our unceasing insurrectionist war against authority – anarchy lives when it is lived!

We’ve almost forgotten that when we want to talk with someone, we can go to their place and knock on the door. We’ve almost forgotten what it means to communicate in person, with emotions, laughter, or anger that can be read on our faces, in the tone of our voice, or in the trembling of our hands. We’ve almost forgotten that not so long ago these machines weren’t part of our lives, that we weren’t closed into these digital worlds that take more and more control over our days, that people lived, loved, communicated, and kept up to date on the news without these invasive technologies.

Sometimes in the metro, we feel like intruders, as one of those rare individuals not absorbed by their little screen and headphones, oblivious to the people around them. By folding in on ourselves in this way, we don’t even notice how society is changed by these technologies.

…And if we relearned how to live without these machines? What if we cut the virtual cord and reconnected with each other, weaving complicities in person to fill the void created by our atomisation? We could reconnect with time, space, and each other, everything that the cold interaction with machines has pushed to the background.

What if we openly blaspheme against the religion of connectivity? What if we storm this much-vaunted technological heaven, but which seems more like a science-fiction nightmare?

What if we destroy the machines…” –

from the anarchist wall-paper ‘Blasphegme’ 




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Italy: Support Hambi Resistance – Calendario Eventi (Ita/Deu/Eng)


Received on 29.03.18:

Campagna complice e solidale a quella che, dal 2012 ad oggi, è diventata uno dei simboli della lotta per la liberazione della Terra dalle catene del capitalismo: la resistenza per difendere la foresta di Hambach!
Da 6 anni persone provenienti da tutto il mondo, attraverso blocchi, sabotaggi e occupazioni degli alberi, hanno dato vita ad una resistenza dal basso per contrastare l’opera di devastazione condotta dalla multinazionale energetica RWE, che dalla fine degli anni 70′ ha colonizzato una delle ultime foreste vergini, convertendo Hambach nella miniera a cielo aperto più grande d’Europa per l’estrazione di lignite (carbone povero).
Earth Riot vi invita ad una serie di iniziative benefit sul tema della liberazione della Terra, volte a supportare chi ogni giorno si oppone alle dinamiche repressive e di dominio proprie del sistema capitalista.

Earth Liberation is Total Liberation!

Non è solo uno slogan accattivante, ma l’essenza della lotta per la liberazione totale che, per essere auspicabile e realizzabile, deve passare attraverso un processo di restituzione alla Terra di ciò che il sistema capitalista gli ha strappato negli anni, privando ogni vivente di una libertà effettiva, nel nome del finto progresso e di quella presunta supremazia dettata dalla cultura antropocentrica e dal dio denaro.

English version

This campaign is complicit and supportive of the one which, since 2012, has become one of the symbols of the fight for the liberation of the Earth from the chains of capitalism: the resistance to defend the Hambach forest!
Since 6 years people from all over the world, through blockades, sabotage, and occupation of trees, have give birth to a grassroots resistance to oppose the action of devastation carried on by the energy corporation RWE which, since the end of the 70’s has colonised one of the last virgin forests, converting Hambach into the most extended open-cast mine for the extraction of lignite (brown coal) in Europe.
Earth Riot invites you to a series of fundraising initiatives on the subject of Earth liberation, which aim to support those who everyday oppose to the dynamics of repression and domination typical of the capitalist system.

Earth Liberation is Total Liberation!

It is not just a captivating slogan, but it is the essence of the fight for total liberation which, in order to be beneficial and feasible, it has to go through a process of restitution to Earth of everything the capitalist system has stolen in time, depriving every living being of real freedom, in the name of fake progress and of that presumed supremacy imposed by anthropocentric culture and money god.

Deutsche version

Der Widerstand, den Wald von Hambach zu verteidigen ist eine Komplize un solidarische Kampagne, die von 2012 bis heute, ein Symbole des Kampf, der Erde zu befrein gegen den Ketten des kapitalismus geworden ist.
Seit 6 Jhare, Menschen aus dem ganzen Welt, durch Blokaden, Sabotagen und Baume Besetzunegen, haben einen Widerstand, von unten, gegen die Zerstorung des multinationales Firma RWE erschafft, die seit Ende des 1970, hat eine der letzte Urwald kolonisiert, durch die Veranderung von Heimbach in einer der grosste open air Bergwerk des Europa, fuer die Gewinnung die arme Kohle.
Earth Riot lädt Sie zu einer Serie von Veranlassungen auf der Thema von Erde Befreiung ein. Diese Veranlassungen unterstuetzen wer, jeden tag, ist gegen die Aktionen des Kapitalismus
Earth Liberation is Total Liberation! Das ist nicht nur eine schoenen Slogan, sondern den Wesen von das Kampf fuer die total Befreiung. Um Diese Kampf Wahr zu werden, man muss durch einen Ruechgabe verfahrung zur Erde. Um diesen Kampf Wahr zu machen lassen, der Kampf soll durch einer Rueckgabe verfahrung zur Erde von alles was das Kapitalismus, durch die Jahren, hat vom Erde genommen, berauben den Welt von die Freiheit, in den Name des Gott Geld.


11/4 – Torino – ore 20, via Baltea 3 – Mercoledì EXtra-Ordinari, conferenza con proiezioni e tavolo informativo: Support Hambi Resistance: Earth Liberation is Total Liberation

21/4 – Modena – ore 20.30, Stella Nera via Falloni 67 – Sound of Silenze vol. 3, conferenza + tavolo informativo: Dal greenwashing alla svendita degli ideali di liberazione

12/5 – Brescia – ore 19 presso Circolo Anarchico Bonometti via Borgondio 6 –
Support Hambi Resistance: Earth Liberation is Total Liberation: cena benefit + conferenza + proiezione + tavolo informativo

8/7 – provincia di Milano, Villa Fiorita (Cermusco)

(via Earth Riot)

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Australia: Stolenwealth Games Boycott – A First Nations & Ex-Detainee Solidarity Statement


March 26, 2018.

Members of the First Nations and eX-detainees from RISE have consulted to produce this solidarity statement and call for all supporters to boycott the Stolenwealth (“commonwealth”) Games which is to be held in Queensland, Gold Coast in Australia in April 2018.

Colonial theft, dispossession and genocide are no reason to celebrate and as such we call for all participating nations, athletes, artists and fans to boycott the games and to end colonial occupation and oppression in Australia as well the systemic abuse against our communities.

The Stolenwealth games are merely another cheap gimmick used to whitewash the realities and bloody histories of British colonisation across 6 continents. There is no unity through genocide. First Nations Elders and supporters working with RISE have made it clear that countries and individuals who are willing to participate in this grotesque pandering to a display of British colonialism are not welcome and are violating Indigenous sovereignty.

We encourage people to take responsibility for their own communities and organise actions at embassies of participating nations, contact activists from participating nations and publicly pressure athletes and artists to pull out of the games.

We also encourage people to support the Stolenwealth Games protest actions that will be occurring on the Gold Coast and around Australia from April 4th, 2018. Unite to resist continuing colonial occupation and imperialism. Anyone who is coming to participate in the Stolenwealth games or going to watch the games undermines the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and over 200 years of genocide and on-going oppression. Further, they are also complicit in the torture and indefinite detention of refugees in Australia’s onshore and offshore detention camps. This systemic oppression must end.

Australia’s colonial borders continue to oppress communities of colour and Black peoples living inside and outside these borders. We condemn the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, asylum seekers and refugees in detention centres and prisons in this country. Every time you win a medal, you are winning a medal for colonization, genocide, occupation, systemic abuse and discrimination.

This is an international crisis. Deal with the root of the crisis and act now!

No Games on stolen land.
#BoycottGC2018 #SanctionAustralia #NotTheQueensLand

Media contact: Ramesh Fernandez admin@riserefugee.org / 03 9639 8623

Here are some actions you can take to boycott the Stolenwealth Games in Queensland, Australia 2018 and stand in solidarity with

1. Contact and organise actions at embassies of participating nations.
2. Contact activists from participating nations and request they help apply public pressure on athletes to pull out of the games.
3. Put pressure on those musicians and performers to boycott participating at the Stolenwealth games especially white Australians, white Canadians and British at the opening ceremony (see below details of the performers)
4. Attend rallies and demonstrations and draw attention to protest actions

Contact points for artists and embassies here and ACT NOW!

(via RISE Refugees Survivors & Ex-Detainees)


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Canberra, Australia: Disruption of Parliament and Banner Drop in Solidarity with the #SuperGlue7 Defendants


Received anonymously on 28.03.18:

Early on Wednesday March 28th, a banner reading “Close the Camps, Open the Borders” was dropped from the Commonwealth Bridge in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Flares were let off to highlight the action.

The action was taken in solidarity with the ‘Superglue 7’ who are on trial in the Supreme Court this week. The Superglue 7 are members of Whistleblowers, Activists and Citizens Alliance (WACA). On November 30th, 2016 they travelled with 50 other members from across Australia to Canberra. They all went to Parliament House where they disrupted Question Time from the public gallery. They called for an end to Australia’s inhumane policies that are in breach of UN Human Rights Conventions. The Superglue 7 glued their hands to the balustrade in the public gallery. The group used a ‘mic check’ speech to demand that the government closes all refugee detention camps and that detained asylum seekers be safely resettled. As a result, the seven were charged with intent to damage Commonwealth property.

Several other protests in support of refugees and in solidarity with the accused have occured in the nation’s capital over the past three days. On the second day of the trial, other activists interrupted Question Time again. They stated that they refuse to be complicit in the government’s human rights crimes against refugees. No superglue was used and all of the protesters were released without charge.

A spokesperson for the group said “while asylum seekers and refugees are held indefinitely in appalling conditions, people will continue to fight against bipartisan policies of cruelty that are Australia’s shame. We will not stop until there is justice for refugees”.

For more info on WACA you can check out their website here or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.




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Athens, Greece: Explosive Attack Against the Evelpidon Court Complex by Circle of Asymmetric Urban Warfare FAI-FRI


28.03.18: An Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front (FAI-FRI) cell named Circle of Asymetric Urban Warfare have claimed responsibility for an explosive attack against the Evelpidon Court Complex in Athens that took place during the early morning hours of Saturday the 24th of March. The police and establishment media initially tried to cover up the attack by maintaining  a strict silence regarding it, but have now admitted the action took place following the publication of the claim of responsibility on Athens Indymedia. The bomb detonated in a police sentry-box behind the court complex causing minor damages and no injuries.

The lengthy communique from Circle of Asymetric Urban Warfare states in part:

“Saturday Morning, March 24, 2018.

We placed a low-intensity timed explosive device containing nearly half a kilo of black gunpowder inside a guardhouse at the rear of the Evelpidon courts.

We know that our device worked successfully, because when we were already far away from the location we were able to hear the sound of the explosion, which took place at the precise time that we had set it to detonate. We do not know what kind of material damage it caused as our attack was silenced by the regime”.

The action was carried out in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrades Konstantinos Giagtzoglou, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Nikos Romanos, Argyris Dalios, Dimitris Politis and Giannis Michailides, all of whom recently received excessively long prison sentences under the draconian anti-terrorist law 187A.

The attack was also carried out as a direct response to the attacks by fascist organizations and the Greek State against squats in Thessaloniki, Athens and Volos and in combative insurgent memory of anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, a member of urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle who was killed by police bullets on the 10th of March in 2010.

We conclude this report with another excerpt from the claim of responsibility:

“Our pain, our denials and our affirmations are armed, they go into counter-attack, they become stubborn, they become cold calculations of probability, they become informally organized and they become collectivized. We cease to mourn and we kill all hesitations, having only our desire to live this war of which so many have said so much as our only guide. Anarchist war against States, the economy, commerce, nations, patriarchy and all forms of enforcement and exploitation”.

(Article compiled by Insurrection News from information published in the Greek corporate media and on Athens Indymedia).



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Grenoble, France: Frontex Conference Disrupted at the University of Grenoble


On Thursday, March 22nd, about 150 people gathered in front of the IMAG building at the University of Grenoble. Inside the building a conference was being held by the various players involved in the militarization of the borders: Frontex (European Border and Coast Guard Agency), Euromed Police (Euro-Mediterranean Police Cooperation), Europol, etc. The conference slogan was ‘From Frontex to Frontex, Towards the Establishment of a New European Coast Guard Corps’. The President of the Euromed Police and the Director of Legal Affairs for Frontex were both present. Slogans, a media table and leafleting were on the agenda for the afternoon.

The organizers of the conference chose to keep it under police surveillance, all who entered were being screened by members of the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade).

At around 4PM, a group of over 30 people went to the conference room to disrupt the presentation by the president of Euromed Police, and to appeal to the conference attendees. Participants then opened the doors for the protesters who entered and chanted slogans for about 10 minutes, leaving enough time to spraypaint a tag in the room saying ‘FRONTEX KILLS’.

Police kitted out in riot gear intervened, assaulting the protesters without even warning them to leave the building. Blocked against a wall, dozens of people were trapped without being able to avoid the police assault. Many people were injured and some of them had to be hospitalized. It seems that there were no arrests.

(Report compiled from local press coverage and coverage from Indymedia Grenoble)

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated by Insurrection News)


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Berlin, Germany: Incendiary Sabotage Action Against Military & Corporate Communications Infrastructure in Solidarity with Afrin


Ruling over people is re-organizing: using nets and algorithms, states and companies are accessing our lives every day. Now, in this moment, while reading this text, and in future times. And it expands. We are under surveillance and control.

Today, we have cut off some important networks and interrupted external control of our lives – a humble contribution to a moment of uncontrolled existence. The target of our intervention were BASE (Belgian mobile communication company, trading in Germany as E-Plus), Level3, Globalmetro Networks (supplier for military bases), Tele-Com, LIT (information technology company, in charge of the central administration network in Berlin), COLT (Regierungsnetze), and further military and non-military operators. Our specific aim was disturbing the airport in Tegel, the administration of Berlin and the state, the army, the fleet of the government and some industrial and technological companies.

On 26.3.2018, we have set fire to cables at Mörschbrücke in Berlin. Two massive bunches of cables (4 metres wide) were lying 30 metres apart from each other. Gas pipes were located at a distance of 15 meters away. The location of the fire was not accessible by people or cars. Harm of people was ruled out.

The hopefully high economic damage makes us happy!
Nets of power are open to attack.

Withdraw German weapons and Turkish troups from Afrin!

Vulkangruppe NetzHerrschaft zerreißen / Volcanic Group Rupture Network Domination

(Note from Insurrection News, the above communique is a shortened version released by Vulkangruppe NetzHerrschaft zerreißen for English speaking comrades, a much longer version is available at Chronik)

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Athens, Greece: “You Are An Anarchist, Therefore You Are A Terrorist As Well”


On November 29, 2017, in the Korydallos prison court, started the trial on 2nd degree (appeal court) of the comrades Argyris Dalios, Giannis Michailides, Dimitris Politis, Nikos Romanos and Gerasimos Tsakalos (member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire). The accusations were bank and post office expropriations, possession of ammunition, forgery, incendiary attacks, while initially (in the 1st degree) the comrades were accused of participation in the revolutionary organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, an accusation that falls under the antiterrorist law 187A.

In the 1st degree court (presiding judge Konstantinos Ganiatsos) the comrades were acquitted for the accusation of participation in the CCF, but the court claimed that they are “individual terrorists” and that their actions were of “terroristic” nature, sentencing them to many years of imprisonment.

In particular, the court decision of March, 26 sentences the comrades A. Dalios to 27 years (29 in the 1st degree), N. Romanos to 18 years (20 in the 1st degree), D. Politis to 12 years and 2 months (13 in the 1st degree), G. Michailides to 11 years (as in the 1st degree) and the CCF member, G. Tsakalos, to 5 years (as in the 1st degree). This is the first time in Greek court history that the article about “individual terrorism” is being implemented, at least on anarchists.

Specifically, the district attorney Sofia Apostolaki suggested that only being an anarchist is enough to characterize a person’s acts as “terroristic”, and that if a person is not a member of a group, they act as “lone wolves”. This interpretation of the deliberately vague anti-terrorist law 187A allows the state to accuse any anarchist of terrorism, creating a precedent of heavy accusations and long sentences for the anarchist movement. Till now the accusations for participation in a “terrorist” group were based on DNA samples, friendly and family relations, non-existing witnesses and “disappeared” elements, leading either to acquittal or to vindictive decisions, that were unexpected even for the civil justice. From now on, simply being an anarchist is enough of an “element” to lead to condemnation. A simple district attorney motion is enough to target the anarchist movement in total as the “internal enemy” and condemn our comrades to long sentences.

At the same time fascists, mafia members, businessmen and shipping magnates are treated favorably by the state and the law, everyone that struggles against them and the values they represent, against all kinds of oppression, are lead to the dungeons of civil democracy because of their political identity.
The gravity of this precedent, which the state attempts to establish, concerns us all, all members of the movement, who choose to act outside the framework of civil law and attack the state and its mechanisms. It concerns everyone who does not stand indifferent in the face of the capitalistic brutality and with solidarity and comradeship chooses the side of the oppressed. In this time of intense inter-systemic shocks, amidst scandals, memoranda, thousands of forthcoming foreclosure auctions and the total devaluation of our lives, this particular trial decision is a message to all who choose the difficult but necessary road of revolutionary action. A message that we, the anarchist movement, must reverse.

(Text / translation based on this call to action that appeared on Athens Indymedia, translated by Antifa Bulgaria)

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Chile: Poster in Memory of the Compañeras Norma Vergara and Claudia López (Eng/Esp)


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 26.03.18:

(as a minimum gesture of solidarity we have printed posters in memory of the compañeras Norma Vergara and Claudia López)


Norma Vergara was killed by the bullets of the DIPOLCAR (Directorate of Police Intelligence of Carabineros) on March 26th, 1993. She had decided to fight repressive apparatuses of the State and she fought clandestinely in the Lautaro Rebel and Popular Forces. Claudia López, fighting hooded in the town of La Pincoya was killed by police bullets on September 11, 1998.

Both were murdered by the defenders of authority, even in different dynamics of confrontation, they both chose confrontation, breaking their contexts and their secondary roles imposed socially on women. We remember the compañeras and their decision to fight, in a confrontation without truce against the State, its guardians and false critics.

We are united with this will of war, that breaks molds, stereotypes, that combats the call to resignation, which participates in and generates actions against authority, its fire does not go out…

…in March, 25 years after the death of Norma Vergara…
…in September, 20 years after the death of Claudia López…



(Como un mínimo gesto de memoria hemos impreso afiches en recuerdo de las compañeras Norma Vergara y Claudia López)


Norma Vergara es asesinada por las balas de la DIPOLCAR el 26 de marzo de 1993. Habia decidido combatir a los aparatos represivos del Estado y luchaba clandestina en las Fuerzas Rebeldes y Populares Lautaro. Claudia López, luchando encapuchada en la Población La Pincoya es asesinada por las balas policiales el 11 de septiembre de 1998.

Ambas fueron asesinadas por los defensores de la autoridad, aún en diferentes dinámicas de confrontación, las dos eligieron el
enfrentamiento, romper sus contextos y los roles secundarios impuestos socialmente a las mujeres. Recordamos a las compañeras rescatando su decisión de combatir, en un enfrentamiento sin tregua contra el Estado, sus custodios y falsos críticos.

Nos hermanamos con esta voluntad de guerra, que rompe moldes,
estereotipos, que combate el llamado a la resignación, que participa y genera acciones contra la autoridad, su fuego no se apaga…

…en marzo a 25 años de la muerte de Norma Vergara…
…en septiembre a 20 años de la muerte de Claudia López…



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France: Statements to the Court from 2 Forest Defenders who were Remanded Following the Bois Lejuc Eviction


Received on 26.03.18:

February 22nd, eviction of Bois Lejuc: The cops processed 32 people for identity control. Five people were taken to the remand centre for different reasons including outrage and rebellion (refusing arrest), of these 1 person was let out directly, 4 others were released 24 hours later. They will have a court date on June 12th.

2 other people were also arrested, taken to remand and refused an immediate trial (this tactic means people have a chance to build up their defense before the court case) they were both held in prison until their court date, Monday March 19th.

Following are statements they made in court on Monday, as well as their penalties.

Declaration of L. (sentenced to 4 months suspended prison sentence): for resisting arrest and refusing to give identity upon her arrest (DNA, fingerprints, photo, name).

Friends, family and those I have been thinking of, I feel detached from all identity. No offence to the judge and to his “god”, I am a multiformed being and a complex reality and therefore irreducible to this artifice.

As you know the root of this word is also idem, identical. No identity can fix me because I am of a reality alive and moving, INDISCERNABLE.

I defend myself in the eyes of an instutution of which I reject the authority. In one act, I refine my perceptions by referring to my own criteria, my experience, my critical sense.

We find ourselves here (and I think I don’t make a mistake in saying this) because we are searching permanently for the source of happiness and beauty.

Beacause we share an intelligent, sensitive and subtle link to the world.

And when this conection is brutal, insensitive, it becomes a filthy pile that we are determined to spread out.

Declaration of Cristal Antem (sentenced to 3 months prison): for participating in a group that came together to commit acts of violence against people or for destruction or degradation of public material.

My name is Cristal Antem, Cryz for those close to me. I have no other identity to give.

I represent nobody but myself. Nobody can represent me.

They asked me if I wished to be judged today. Ok, do it. But I won’t participate in this judgement.

I reject all codes/ norms/ rules/ roles of this spectacle. I won’t be an actor nor collaborator; martyr nor victim; guilty or innocent.

I hope that my friends understand that I make this choice to remain myself. That they won’t be upset at me for my unprepared absence that is surely too long.

I won’t submit to the control of the state.

I refuse to defend myself.

Link to original French language statements

More information in English about the struggle in Bure



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