Czech Republic: Second wave of resistance against Řízkárna has begun


Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB) has sabotaged cars of the Řízkárna restaurant in Prague four times this year. Space for reaction of the thief Vladimír Krulec was given. He could have reacted in several different ways. For example, he could have made some calculations and realized that paying his people for work would cost him less than covering sabotage losses. He failed at these simple calculations though.

He used various tools against the SRB and other parts of the anarchistic movement. He tried to ridicule, demonize and threaten us. His threats however cause exactly what a reasonable person would expect. More resistance against his restaurant. Thief and bully who likes to make himself look like a victim in the press is giving, through this behavior, massive amounts of energy to those who don’t want to see his crimes against the working class go unpunished. This very same energy started the second wave of the Řízkárna resistance.

This wave started by a small sabotage with the use of butyric acid. On 28th December 2015 was one dosage of this acid spilled directly in the restaurant and the second one was directed at the local kitchen. There is no doubt that the unbearable stench of this liquid caused problems and significant financial losses to Řízkárna.

Krulec did not like this. He even tried to follow the originator of this direct attack. He apparently didn’t realize that some anarchists are armed to fend off attack of bastards like him. This time he got lucky. He stopped before the weapon was used. He might not get so lucky next time.

There is still enough energy for more attacks against capitalistic assholes like Vladimír Krulec. Event that started the second wave of the Řízkárna resistance is also a call to arms for other cells. Join the common struggle. There is common enemy and many ways of resistance. Sabotages, road blockings, hacker attack or physical confrontation with Krulec. May everybody help by what they do best.

If the common struggle lives, so does the potential for victory.

492 cell / Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB)

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