Chile: Bomb deactivated at gendarmerie offices in Santiago


At 8:15am on February 11, 2016, the staff at the center for Social Reintegration of Gendarmerie (CRS) in Santiago Sur noticed a suspicious backpack outside the building at 1490 Arturo Prat street near the intersection of Victoria street.

Frightened repressor agency officials called the police. Police Special Operations Group, GOPE attended the scene and evacuated the entire block and worked for about 4 hours on the backpack.

According to the press it was reported that the bag contained a homemade explosive device consisting of a fire extinguisher filled with black powder, nails added for shrapnel and a timing device attached.

The device would have been placed during the night in a blindspot on the perimeter of the gendarmerie building where the surveillance cameras would have been unable to capture the moment.

For reasons that are unknown, the device was not activated and was found and deactivated by police before it could explode and damage the structure of control.

After the police attended, 45 members of the genarmerie were evacuated and the offices of the CRS  that devotes itself to tasks of control and repression of the accused were closed.

At the site, no leaflets explaining the action were found and so far no group has claimed the attack.

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)

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  1. WOS says:

    Here is the claim from December 11th Insurrectional Cell:

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