Spain: Statement from Rojava Azadi Madrid about the 9 people detained for supporting the Kurdish struggle


Rojava Azadi Madrid wants to show its total rejection to the recent detentions of activists who support the Kurdish cause within the Spanish State.

The detentions of at least 9 activists in Valencia, Bilbao and Madrid, who show solidarity with the oppressed and support the revolution in Rojava, is another dangerous example of the complicity of the Spanish State with the fascist Turkish government.

Through the repressive apparatus represented today by the figure of Judge Eloy Velasco, as well as the Central and Provincial Evidence Gathering Teams, these activists have been arrested under false charges of helping the PKK(Workers Party of Kurdistan). If we look at Velasco’s career, he is the promoter of the latest operations against anarchists and other grassroots social movements in the Spanish State, most of which have been proved to be false, with no evidence to sustain them. He represents one of the main pillars of repression in this country.

We want to highlight the role of the newspapers La Razón and El País, who divulge false information, constantly publishing that the YPG (People’s Defense Units) are part of PKK, who is considered a terrorist organization by many countries. We insist that the YPG / YPJ are not considered terrorists by any country, except for Turkey, and many organizations are struggling to remove the PKK from terrorist lists, as it is the main force fighting against the Islamic State in the region.

  • We strongly condemn the detentions of these activists who, through international solidarity, support the Kurdish people and the YPG / YPJ, leading proponents of the resistance on the ground against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
  • We strongly condemn the repressive state apparatus, which focuses its efforts on detaining activists and leaves politicians, bankers and other corrupt personalities who plunder the population unpunished and free.
  • We also condemn the media that publishes false information to confuse, deceive and manipulate reality, helping to create a misinformed society, subject to the manipulation of the state and its repressive institutions.

Our solidarity against repression!

Freedom for those who support the Kurdish cause!


(via Rojava Azadi Madrid)

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