Mexico City: Explosive device placed in a Catholic church for Black December



BLACK DECEMBER. On December 23rd, 2015, we placed a bomb containing dynamite, butane and gasoline in the Catholic church on the corner of Honorable Congreso de la Union and Fray Servando Teresa de Mier streets in Mexico City.

It is a message of hatred towards the Catholic church that for centuries has degraded, tortured and murdered the bodies and souls of women to the point of pretending to accept slavery conditions in exchange for keeping us alive.

There are women who accepted their slavery, and in exchange for crumbs that can only be detrimental to the free development of their individuality, choose silence, or worse, join forces with the propagators of their own submission – bowing docile, intoxicated from the fetid stench of the sacristy. But we do not fit their mold.

Hey, Bergolio, Francisco, or whatever shit you call yourselves, we are waiting for you!

We do not stay quiet
We do not submit
Our bodies will never be docile
We destroy their vestries

No God, no state, no husband or master!
Fire to the prisons!
Solidarity with every prisoner kidnapped in the prisons of the state

For each of the 26000 disappeared in the territories occupied by the Mexican state.

In memory of Alexander Grigoropoulos,
In memory of Lupe Camelina,

Informal Anti-authoritarian Feminist Action Commando (COFIAA)

(via Contra Info)

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