Reykjavík, Iceland: NATO Memorial Tarred and Feathered for World Afrin Day


Received on 26.03.18:

Reykjavík, Iceland
March 25th 2018

Yesterday, on World Afrin Day, a memorial for the cooperation between NATO and Russia was tarred and feathered in Reykjavík, Iceland. The memorial has, since 2002, disgraced the city’s face — a constant reminder of Iceland’s humiliating submission to superpowers and military alliances. With the silent approval of Russia and NATO, Turkey now
attempts to crush the Rojava revolution with full force — killing and displacing men, women and children. To no-one’s surprise, objections on behalf of a handful of Western states have been both weak and hollow, as they obviously care more for their friendship and liaison with fascist Erdogan than the just and egalitarian society he currently attempts to bring down. Their cowardice and spinelessness will put them and us to
everlasting shame. A memorial for the very cooperation which allows Erdogan to trespass and murder should have no secure place — neither here nor anywhere else.

Anarchist Iconoclasts, Comrades of Haukur Hilmarsson (Sahin Hosseini)

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Vienna, Austria: Angry Spontaneous Demonstration for World Afrin Day


Received on 25.03.18:

Around 100 people gathered in Vienna at 10 pm to have a 30 minutes long spontaneous, angry and wild demonstration on the international solidarity day for Afrin. The demonstration was an expression of the rage and anger against the occupation of Afrin by NATO, the Turkish army, IS-fascists and other allies. The front banner said ‘Fight4Afrin’. Loud slogans were chanted through the streets, like ‘Biji Berxwedane Efrine’ (Long live the Resistance of Afrin`, ‘Ueberall Efrin, Ueberall Widerstand’ (Everywhere Afrin, Everywhere Resistance), ‘Solidaritaet heisst Widerstand, Kampf dem Faschismus in jedem Land’ (Solidarity means resistance, fighting against fascism in each country) or ‘Alerta, Alerta Antifascista’. There was a lot of different pyrotechnic material used. The demonstration caused a lot of attention and left its traces in the neighbourhood, an area that is well known for organized fascists and nationalists from various origins, not only from Austria but also many Turkish fascist groups. During the demonstration there were several streets blockaded, repressive and capitalist symbols attacked – shop windows and a police car smashed, windows of the car shattered. The demonstrators vanished before the cops arrived and as far at is known noone could be arrested by the cowards.

The demonstration took place in a part of Vienna were the MHP and AKP are especially strong among the citizens and own and support a lot of the infrastructure. Therefore it has been an important antifascist action and showed that active solidarity is a powerful step to interconnect the local struggle against fascism in Austria with the international struggles for freedom in Rojava and beyond.

To resist means to break the apathy! To witness how comrades are falling everyday in the fight against Islamist facist groups, forces us to take action and take our solidarity with the people in northern Syria to the streets.

We will continue to fight together against fascism in Turkey, northern Syria and Austria everyday!

Everywhere Efrin, Everywhere Resistance!

Some hooded kids in solidarity with fallen comrades.

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Afrin Is Not Defeated! (Video)

Received on 24.03.18:

Compilation of video messages for World Afrin Day in solidarity with Afrin from revolutionary organizations around the world.

Afrin Is Not Defeated! Long Live The Rojava Revolution! Fight4Afrin! 

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Berlin, Germany: Invitation to Discussion and Chaos Days, May 10-13, 2018 (Video)

Received on 25.03.18:

Between the 10th and 13th of May the Chaos- and Discussion days are taking place in Berlin. Quite a few things are already being planned. Until now there has been an open Meeting for the preparation taking place in Fischladen, Rigaerstrasse 83 every Wednesday at 6pm. With this plenary assembly we hope to put the concept up to public scrutiny and discussion. Additionally we would like to evaluate if such a plenary assembly can function as a coordination platform for more people who autonomously organize things decentrally following the Do-It-Yourself principle.

All groups and individuals are invited to join the discussion on how we want to shape these four days.

More info: (German) (English)


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Rojava: Şehîd Şevger Ara Makhno – Fallen in the Defence of Afrin


Received on 23.03.18: 

Our anarchist comrade and friend Şevger Ara Makhno arrived in Rojava on 20th January 2018 to take part in the revolution. Only the day before the army of the Turkish state and its jihadist proxies had begun the invasion of the autonomous region of Afrin, an area which had remained at peace throughout seven years of war and had become both a cradle for the Rojava revolution and a safe haven for hundred thousands of refugees
from all over Syria. While the AKP and its allies ever more violently pushed Turkey towards fascism and the military brutally smashed the insurrection in North Kurdistan, Rojava and especially Afrin became a beacon of hope and resistance for all those who defied Erdogan’s regime.

Comrade Şevger was from Turkey himself, he passionately wanted to join this resistance at the frontlines. He received basic military training in the canton of Cizîre and on 19th February arrived in Afrin, where he immediately took part in the ongoing defence. As part of the Anti-Fascist Forces in Afrin (AFFA), a unit of internationalist revolutionaries within the YPG, he faced the invaders in the vicinity of Raco in the northwest of Afrin.

On the 4th March comrade Şevger had taken position on a hill outside the village of Berbêne ready to defend it against the advancing fascists. It was there that around 8AM he and two other YPG comrades were hit by an air-strike. All three of them lost their lives. In accordance with the wishes of his family his picture and legal identity will not be published, in order to protect the people close to him from repression.

We mourn the loss of our comrade and extend our condolences to all his friends, family and everyone who had the fortune to share their lives with this great and inspiring person. The people of Rojava and northern Syria and all those who are fighting for freedom and an end to oppression in the Middle East and beyond will never forget him. We know that he will live on that as long as his love and passion continue to thrive in our hearts.

Şehîd namirin!

Bi hev re heta hetayî – anarşîst û apocî!

If your heart is free the ground you stand on is liberated territory.
Defend it!

Şehîd Şevger’s anarchist comrades

Rojava, 21st March 2018

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Carry the Spark Inside Your Heart! Fight For Afrin!


Received on 23.03.18:

I met Haukur Hilmarsson (Spark) in Athens, where we lived together in the same squat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to learn about his experiences that he gained during the last months while he was fighting with the International Freedom Battalion as this story will never be told by himself in person.

The fact of Haukur Hilmarsson being murdered in Afrin during the attack of the Turkish army is tied to his will to struggle for anarchist ideas, freedom and dignity, not just on a local level, but globally with international forces.

When I got to know him he had friends, comrades and lovers in Athens and all over the world. We went together to demonstrations, took part in assemblies, shared martial art skills, had long and intensive conversations and squatted houses to create (anarchist) spaces for people from different backgrounds. We lived in a self determined and self-organized way and did direct actions, attacking the capitalist and fascist forces trying to destroy and suppress us. We shared the desire to destroy all borders, nations and the state. Besides, Haukur Hilmarsson was not a simple anarchist personality. He wasn’t interested in staying in any (anarchist) bubble, but to connect with different minded people. I guess this is the reason why many people from different places love him. Because he was open to many different perspectives, he had a lot to offer on a practical, social and spiritual level and showed mutual respect to all.

Haukur Hilmarsson was a supporter of an idea that I would call “diversity of tactics”. He was into different kinds of intervention tactics: poems and music to lead the fire in our hearts, articles and speeches to express the desire of freedom, climbing and breaking into empty houses to squat and rebuild them, but arming himself with sticks and weapons to fight for revolutionary change. Haukur Hilmarsson was a Muay Thai kickboxer. We practiced together to develop our self self defense skills and to enable us to fight back with physical violence where it was necessary. He was not just a revolutionary anarchist, he was a friendly, kind and lovely person too. And when he took part in an action or participated in a project his potential would be in there.

I liked him a lot because of his personality and his inspiring way of life. We had a lot of fun during almost everything that we did together. I remember him as a social and open minded person with the ability to make commitments when they made sense to him. However Haukur Hilmarsson would never lose his individual and refreshing style. Maybe the explanation by a friend that we had in common is adequate to explain the complexity of his peaceful, but militant attitude: “a pacifist until the first hit”. I find it important to mention that he was not showing off, but he was conscious about the value of his experiences. All of these so called contradictions made him in my eyes amazingly beautiful.

The hierarchies inside of our anarchist structures were questioned and criticized by him on a regular basis. So I guess he wouldn’t mind for me to mention the following. Sometimes he was a tiny bit annoying and I respect that because it is totally human. Sometimes, he behaved in a way that is quiet typical for masculinity, especially that kind that is deeply entrenched inside of our anarchist struggles. The reason why I mention this is because I don’t want to draw a picture of a hero or show just one side of a person.

We should never forget the powerful and lovely actions that he took. All of those who met him will understand the loss that his death means. Nevertheless I have to say that I don’t recognize him as a hero. But without any doubt we can say that H. lived an intensive life and that he impressed many people so many times.

I remember that we were disagreeing on the question of our anarchist positions related to (corporate) media and his opinion that we should use the media strategically, which I didn’t agree to. I never saw the media as a legitimate tool to fight the battle against capitalism and the state because they are an integral part of the problem and therefore an enemy. However, it was fun to argue about those things with him. I think the understanding of our differences was important for our relation and did not change that I felt strongly connected to him on a political and on a personal level too.

Haukur Hilmarsson was not dogmatic at all. His positions were very political, but he was not limiting them to any ideology. Neither an anarchist nor any other ideology was recognizable when he was talking. It was obvious that he had a big interest in revolutionary struggles and their practical preparations. By being undogmatically anarchist he was a great influence for all of us. Haukur Hilmarsson was raising questions that were vital. He tried to figure out how to make our struggles strong and meaningful. Since the first day when I met Haukur Hilmarsson he made a very respectful, thoughtful and honest impression on me. He could say his opinion without hesitation, he could explain his positions, he was interested in a lot of different topics and he had a clear mind. But sometimes we were bored by political discussions or needed some rest, then we enjoyed being ironic, joked a lot and had a good time together. He was a great storyteller and soon it became clear that he had a lot of things to tell and I am thankful that he shared many fascinating and funny experiences with us.

Haukur Hilmarsson knew that he wasn’t fighting alone and he had comrades that were fighting alongside him. From Iceland, through Greece, to Rojava: He dedicated his life to the revolutionary struggle and so do we. The revolution is fought by us on a daily basis because we are anarchists who refuse to wait for a better moment in the future. Not because we are heroes and heroines, but because there isn’t any better moment than now. We carry Haukur Hilmarsson and his actions in our hearts, in our minds and in the fire that we spread. Until the death of capitalism and the destruction of the state! Therefore what we need is a revolution, our individual revolution and a collective revolution. We don’t need heroes. We simply need to recognize our own responsibility today. Unfortunately these heroic figures can’t make me feel better, at least not as long as I stay peaceful and don’t break with the pacified society. With other words: This heroism is ridiculous. It’s a construction made by passive observers. It is a meaningless construction created to protect the comfortable positions of the political left. We have to recognize the enemy in front of us, to take conscious decisions and to fight back – in our daily life, in our relationships, in our assemblies and in our struggles. The revolution is either fought by armed, decentralized and ordinary people or it has to fail. Either we all become heroines or none of us.

How can we hope for a better tomorrow when we don’t fight for a better today now? How can we talk about peace if war is the language that our enemy speaks? Some of us risk their lives to fight for a better tomorrow, but we all should take a step forward today and take risk. The armed struggle needs YOU!

A war against all authorities is needed if we really want to liberate ourselves and fight for the total destruction of the capitalist society and the domination by the state. So if we want freedom and self-determination, anarchy and autonomy, a world without borders and without domination – We should become a SPARK!


Hugs and kisses to those who carry the spark inside their hearts!

Solidarity to the revolutionary people in Rojava!

Revenge for Afrin! Revenge for Haukur Hilmarsson!

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Vienna, Austria: Revenge for Afrin – Resistance Means Life!


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 22.03.18:

Our hearts are burning with anger over the fascist attack by the Turkish army against Afrin. And so, as a sign of solidarity with the YPG / YPJ fighters in the Rojava region we attacked the ‘Ahmet Yesevi Camii’ Turkish club on 108/3 Tabor straße early in the morning of March 21st. Even though they present themselves to the public as just a ‘mosque club’, they are actually a fascist Grey Wolves organization.

We damaged their windows and left the slogan ‘AFRIN’.

Our motivation for the attack was not their religion or country or origin, but our hatred of their fascist ideology. In late February it became known to us that the Turkish army dedicated a bomb to the club that was used against the fighters of the YPG / YPJ.

While the aggressive war of the Turkish army takes place in northern Syria, many fascist stooges spread their ideology in Europe and support the military aggression of Turkey. A large part of the weapons and equipment used for the attacks against Rojava are also produced in Europe. Our answer: Direct actions against those responsible!

We are not only in solidarity with the antifascist defense against Turkey, we also support the resistant people in northern Syria and their struggle to build an emancipatory society there and around the world!

Fight for Afrin! Fight everywhere!

Anarchist Solidarity Front 161

Text in German


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Belgrade, Serbia: #Fight4Afrin – From Belgrade to Afrin NO PASARAN! (Video)

Antifascist solidarity with Afrin and Rojava
19. march Belgrade

Svugde je Afrin, svuda je otpor.

In the recent days there have been several solidarity actions in Belgrade supporting the struggle for freedom and autonomy in Afrin, part of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rojava).

Posters and writings on the walls appeared in several focal points of the city, such as the turkish cultural center, the area of the Turkish embassy, universities etc. to denounce the unspoken profit that the Balkan weapon industry is making out of the recent conflict in Rojava and the political subjugation of the Vučić-government to the AKP.

In addition, this monday a banner was hanged from a building in Trg Republike (the main square of Belgrade) saying “Stop the invasion in Afrin! Lets defend self-organization against states and capital!!”

These actions are meant to support the resistance of people of Rojava, to stand for their social revolution that represents a threat to the expansionist fascism of AKP.

The silent complicity of EU and UN in the invasion is also mentioned as it is well known how several powers are benefiting not only financially but also politically from the attack on Afrin. In Belgrade as all over the world solidarity is shown to unveil the dirty side of an imperialist war against the people in Rojava perpetrated by this coalition of forces.

These acts of dissent anticipate the official international day of action for Afrin, called by the comrades of Rojava for the 24th of March.



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Genoa, Italy: Righi Telecommunications Repeater Up In Flames / Genova, Italia: Repetidor de Telecomunicaciones en Llamas


We live in a world where being connected is essential if we want to keep up with the times and keep pace with the neurotic rhythm that modern society is offering us.
Human relationships have broken up behind displays, Apps.
Without WhatsApp you risk being excluded from your group of friends … seriously.
At work, in the family, as a couple, we all need to be constantly available: “send your precise position”, “send a selfie “, “listen to this voice message”.

Although we realize that “perhaps” we’re spending a lot of time at home, links are becoming more and more virtual and our first thought as soon as we get in after a day’s work is to turn on the pc, we don’t want to figure out for ourselves that something’s wrong, we’re lying to ourselves.
It’s a well-known fact that technology and its damsels have full control over our lives today, what needs to be analysed is why we’ve accepted it.

Perhaps because we consign ourselves to something we see as bigger than ourselves, perhaps because we are fed up with the unpleasant daily life imposed on us, the frivolous use of technology lightens up the day, or perhaps we even believe it’s useful.
One thing sure is that it is useful to the bosses!
Above all else technology and its equipment produce alienation.
The emptiness derived from this mediation is functional to power for keeping its hold firmly on the reins, not by chance new “Apps” such as Youpol turn frustrated citizens into guard dogs of power.
The fact is that for one reason or another we always have a screen in front of our eyes, big or small according to preference.

We delegate any choice whatsoever to a plastic and silicon object, now an actual extension of our body, and in moments of relaxation we rely on real opiates: TV series, online games, soccer games.
What we are experiencing today, turning us into unaware “perpetrators and victims” is the dramatic lobotomization of the human race.

In order to be spread, these new drugs require structures (pylons, antennas, repeaters) and instruments (software, panels of control) diffused far and wide throughout the country.
This makes it easier to attack them and harder for the authorities to defend them.
So for these reasons and thousands of others we are taking responsibility for our actions and claiming the attack on one of the main Telecom repeaters on the heights of Righi.

The cameras and motion detectors defending the metallic monster within the fenced-off area are many, but with the passion for freedom and a certain degree of determination certain obstacles can be overcome.
Once we positioned everything necessary we triggered the fuse… in a flash the parasitic light of the city passed into the background. Twenty litres of petrol took shape and our eyes and hearts lit up with joy!
It matters little if we are not understood, we are not seeking consensus but accomplices.
We are beyond miserable political calculation, we leave that to whoever wants to domesticate the masses by deluding them with the chimera of giving power to the people.
That said and done, we are not being as presumptuous as to say that we have fully dissected and solved the causes of the self-enchainment that society, which we also belong to, has become a material author of, but invite all those who feel close to such practices to take part in the celebration and continue attacking the techno-industrial apparatus.

We too have been encouraged by the summer barbecues of repeaters in France, England and other cities of Italy, including Genoa (also thanks to those who have taken on the task of translating foreign texts).
May the match pass from hand to hand without extinguishing!




(via Act For Freedom Now!)


[Traducido por Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras desde Actforfreedom]

Vivimos en un mundo en el que estar conectadx es esencial si queremos mantenernos al día y seguir el ritmo neurótico que la sociedad moderna nos ofrece.

Las relaciones humanas se han roto detrás de pantallas, aplicaciones.

Sin WhatsApp, se corre el riesgo de ser excluidx del grupo de amigxs…seriamente.

En el trabajo, en la familia, o en la pareja, todxs debemos estar constantemente disponibles: “envía tu posición precisa”, “envía una selfie”, “escucha este mensaje de voz”.

Aunque nos damos cuenta de que “quizás” estamos pasando mucho tiempo en casa, las conexiones se vuelven cada vez más virtuales y nuestro primer pensamiento tan pronto entramos después de un día de trabajo es encender el PC. No queremos darnos cuenta de que algo anda mal, nos estamos mintiendo a nosotrxs mismxs.

Es un hecho bien conocido que la tecnología y sus damas de honor tienen un control total sobre nuestras vidas en la actualidad, lo que debe analizarse es por qué lo hemos aceptado.

Tal vez porque nos resignamos a algo que consideramos más grande que nosotrxs mismxs, tal vez porque estamos hartxs de la desagradable vida cotidiana que se nos impone, el uso frívolo de la tecnología aligera el día, o tal vez incluso creemos que es útil.

¡Una cosa segura es que es útil para los jefes!

Sobre todo, la tecnología y sus aparatos producen alienación.
El vacío derivado de esta mediación es funcional al poder de mantener firmes sus riendas, no por casualidad nuevas “aplicaciones” como Youpol convierten ciudadanos frustrados en guardianes del poder.

El hecho es que, por una razón u otra, siempre tenemos una pantalla frente a nuestros ojos, grande o pequeña de acuerdo con nuestras preferencias.

Delegamos cualquier opción a un objeto de plástico y silicio, ahora una extensión real de nuestro cuerpo, y en momentos de relajación dependemos de opiáceos reales: series de televisión, juegos en línea, juegos de fútbol.

Lo que estamos experimentando hoy, convirtiéndonos en “perpetradores y víctimas” inconscientes, es la lobotomización dramática de la raza humana.

Para propagarse, estos nuevos medicamentos requieren estructuras (pilares, antenas, repetidores) e instrumentos (software, paneles de control) difundidos a lo largo y ancho de todo el país. Esto hace que sea más fácil atacarlos y más difícil para las autoridades defenderlos.

Entonces, por estos motivos y por otros miles, asumimos la responsabilidad de nuestras acciones y reclamamos el ataque contra uno de los principales repetidores de Telecom en las alturas de Righi.

Las cámaras y los detectores de movimiento que defienden al monstruo metálico dentro del área cercada son muchos, pero con la pasión por la libertad y un cierto grado de determinación se pueden superar ciertos obstáculos.

Una vez que colocamos todo lo necesario activamos el fusible … en un instante la luz parásita de la ciudad pasó a segundo plano.

¡Veinte litros de gasolina tomaron forma y nuestros ojos y corazones se iluminaron de alegría!

Poco importa si no nos comprenden, no buscamos consenso sino cómplices. Estamos más allá del miserable cálculo político, lo dejamos a quien quiera domesticar a las masas al engañarlas con la quimera de dar poder a la gente.

Dicho y hecho, no estamos siendo tan presuntuosxs como para decir que hemos diseccionado y resuelto completamente las causas del autoencadenamiento del cual la sociedad, a la que también pertenecemos, se ha convertido en autora material, sino que invitamos a todxs los que se sienten cercanxs a tales prácticas a participar en la celebración y continuar atacando el aparato tecno-industrial.

Nosotrxs también nos hemos sentido alentados por las barbacoas de verano de los repetidores en Francia, Inglaterra y otras ciudades de Italia, incluido Génova (también gracias a aquellxs que han asumido la tarea de traducir textos extranjeros).

¡Que la llama pase de mano en mano sin extinguirse!



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Athens, Greece: Demonstration to Defend the Squats Community of Koukaki & in Solidarity with Squats & Places of Struggle


Almost a year ago, a new project bloomed in the neighborhood of Koukaki. We created a community of housing and struggling squats. We occupied three empty buildings which were getting rotten at Matrozou 45, Panaitoliou 21 and Arvali 3. We rebuilt them through a lot of work to become sustainable, to become places of gathering and communal organization. Some us them are living here permanently.

We are coming from different places of the planet, co-exist with dogs and cats, creating relations of solidarity and freedom. This community, as its buildings is opened to the people through discussions in public spaces, projections, music events, café-bar, presentations of theories, and games with children. We have create structures for common use like library-reading space, compost on the Filopappou hill, public bathroom-laundry and free shop to exchange clothes, laboratory of conserves production and urban gardening. From the very start, we knew that freedom can be claimed only through struggle. Our community is part of the anti-authoritarian/anarchist/libertarian movement and participates to the defending of the squats, in struggle against state repression, prisons and detention centers, against patriarchy, fascism, destruction of nature and stand in solidarity with migrants.

Out of institutions, legality and capitalism extortions, our multiethnic community gain grounds and became visible. As a result, the state and the fascists attacked us. On February 21, fascists tried to burn the squat at Panaitoliou 21, attack unsuccessfully repeated on 14 of March. On 12 of March, at 6 o’clock in the morning, the full-equipped mercenaries invade the neighborhood, surround and evacuate the squat Matrozou 45, beat up and arrest all the people who were inside the house, seize personal and collective objects, setting up another court case.

The operation of evacuation confronts a powerful resistance from comrades inside and outside the building. Meanwhile, people from the neighborhood try to interfere against the cops. Our resistance was a conscious political decision, it was the denial to submit ourselves to the violence of the state, it was a signal of struggle.

The evacuation let behind a strong police presence in the neighborhood, while the media create another climate of terror. The state brought on fear which everyone must break out, by taking position against repression and its presence in our neighborhood.

Our capacity to occupy buildings is a result of a struggle which is going on years now by a large and combative squatting movement where we also belong. For this reason the police operation was a coordinate attack. Alongside with Matrozou 45, the squats of Gare and Zaimi 11 were also evacuated. In this repression plan, fascists are playing a crucial, with their constant attacks to places of struggle, and at its summits the burning down of Libertatia. The list of attacks from the state and the fascists’ para-state is big. Even though, they remain unable to block the liberation.

We are a part a social base that reflects its radical and anti-state characteristic. The uncompromisable struggles and libertarian cultures. We are creating another world, we will transfer it, defend it and claim it until the time it will be a reality.

24 of March, Saturday, 12:00 in Paidiki Hara, Koukaki we are calling comrades, friends, from Athens and all over Greece, all of ages, genders, persons who work, studying, or are unemployed, with animals, with their music instruments and their means of expression, to walk together.






(via Mpalothia)

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