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Rojava: Feed The Revolution

via Rojava Plan: Rojava is blockaded from all sides; the embargo is dramatically limiting vital resources. The production of food relies heavily on chemical fertilizer which hasn’t been available since the embargo began. Rojava is facing famine. For the revolution … Continue reading

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International call to join the revolution in Kurdistan

  Revolutionaries from all over the world gave an official statement last week calling for solidarity with the resistance in Bakûr. The masked militants held a ceremony in Qamişlo, Cizîre canton, Rojava across the border from the besieged city of … Continue reading

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Censorship: Rojava Plan YouTube account closed after review by YouTube

Via Rojava Plan: According to the emails below (see photos above – Insurrection News) , our accounts have been excessively flagged as inappropriate. Our account has been closed after undergoing a review by YouTube for violating their community guidelines. The … Continue reading

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Beyond War – A Tour of Rojava [Rojava Plan #2]

  Our inside peak: Beyond War – A Tour of Rojava. See what Rojava looks like from inside. We’ve cobbled together a collection of footage to give a taste of Rojava. More than an idea, but actual practice. In Rojava … Continue reading

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