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USA: Communique from the #DisruptJ20 affinity group 17s

Received on 30.01.17: Less than a week into the Trump administration we have begun to see the startlingly swift emergence of a prototypical fascist regime. One such indicator has been the quick and brutal repression of the free expression of … Continue reading

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So-called ‘Australia’: FTP zine #7

PDF:          Read          Print Introduction: Welcome to the seventh issue of FTP zine, our biannual report on anti-colonial, anti-state resistance, compiled within occupied Cadigal territory. Like previous issues we have chosen to highlight acts of resistance to the Australian state … Continue reading

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Greece: We Will Defend Housing Squats

WE WILL DEFEND HOUSING SQUATS The evacuation of squats in Thessaloniki by police, the mass arrests of comrades, the demolition of the Orfanotrofeio (orphanage) building, as well as the organized smear campaign against solidarity to refugees, leave no doubt that: … Continue reading

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: Biblioteca Kaos squat facing eviction – Call for resistance

Received and translated on 27.07.16: Biblioteca Kaos (Chaos Library) facing eviction on August 4th 2016 An invitation to resistance Greetings comrades and friends. Projects that are built from a position of confrontation and conflict travel through waters of constant change … Continue reading

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Germany: Call for a Black July, plus a chronology of actions in solidarity with Rigaer 94

We appreciate the call for a Black July from Rigaer 94. Many comrades in a lot of countries followed the call for a Black December of Nikos Romanos (Greek Prisoner) . It’s not just about the Rigaer 94 that people now … Continue reading

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Greece: Call from Radiofragmata for International ‘Fuck Nations, Squat The World’ Actions

The anarchist squats ought to be a thorn for the repression mechanisms, against every dominant expression of the existing system. All things considered, they ought to be thorns against the social norm, against the alienated everyday life of decay that … Continue reading

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Update from the Australian government’s offshore refugee detention center on Nauru

  11.05.16: Today is day 53 of ongoing peaceful protests by refugee families detained in the RPC3 compound at the Australian government’s inhumane offshore refugee detention center on Nauru. Refugees from other compounds at the center and asylum seekers who … Continue reading

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Athens, Greece: Riots erupt following a Riot Police attack on thousands of protesters (8/5/2016)

On Sunday 8 May 2016, while the government of SYRIZA & ANEL inside the greek parliament were attacking what little has been left in the dignity of the people in the country to survive, by voting in favor of raising … Continue reading

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Poland: Update on accused and imprisoned anarchist comrades

  Received on 30.04.16:  Lately some anarchist comrades were on trial for occupying an empty building in Katowice, during the Anti-Congress 2015 event when anarchists organized a response to the European Economic Congress in Katowice where many influential corporations and government members … Continue reading

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Protests continue at the Australian government’s refugee detention center on Nauru

Moving into 15 long days of peaceful, determined protest by #AsylumSeekers on #Nauru – where's coverage? #auspol — RAC Victoria (@racvictoria) April 3, 2016   7 brave boys protested for 4hrs on this roof in #Nauru detention centre last … Continue reading

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