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Serbia: Anarcho-Syndicalist graffiti action against the exploitative ‘IDEA’ supermarket chain

Received on 06.07.16: Activists of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative (ASI) Belgrade have organised a graffiti action at 20 stores of the notorious “IDEA” supermarket chain in Belgrade after the information about the brutal treatment of workers in these supermarkets got out to the … Continue reading

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Greece: Against the extradition & the persecution of the 5 students

Photograph: banner placed at the self-organized centre of the Faculty of Education, University of Athens, reads: ‘stop the extradition of the five fighters-students’ (source: @free5greece) Athens, November 23rd Another procedure without precedence is now unfolding against human rights and everyone … Continue reading

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UK: Against Apolitical Squatting – Squatters and Homeless Autonomy

Squatters and Homeless Autonomy is a London squatting collective working to combat gentrification and establish autonomous anti-capitalist spaces. Squatting the RBS building on Charing-Cross Road over Christmas 2014, they were also involved in the Institute of Dissidents – the occupied … Continue reading

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For Real Class Solidarity with the ‘Refugee’ and ‘Immigrant’ Proletarians!

received from TŘÍDNÍ VÁLKA (Class War) website (Czech Republic) Comrades, proletarians of Europe, once again you are being told that your living standards or even your very lives are under the threat from some “aliens”. You are being blackmailed with … Continue reading

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