Athens, Greece: Explosive Attack Against the Evelpidon Court Complex by Circle of Asymmetric Urban Warfare FAI-FRI


28.03.18: An Informal Anarchist Federation / International Revolutionary Front (FAI-FRI) cell named Circle of Asymetric Urban Warfare have claimed responsibility for an explosive attack against the Evelpidon Court Complex in Athens that took place during the early morning hours of Saturday the 24th of March. The police and establishment media initially tried to cover up the attack by maintaining  a strict silence regarding it, but have now admitted the action took place following the publication of the claim of responsibility on Athens Indymedia. The bomb detonated in a police sentry-box behind the court complex causing minor damages and no injuries.

The lengthy communique from Circle of Asymetric Urban Warfare states in part:

“Saturday Morning, March 24, 2018.

We placed a low-intensity timed explosive device containing nearly half a kilo of black gunpowder inside a guardhouse at the rear of the Evelpidon courts.

We know that our device worked successfully, because when we were already far away from the location we were able to hear the sound of the explosion, which took place at the precise time that we had set it to detonate. We do not know what kind of material damage it caused as our attack was silenced by the regime”.

The action was carried out in solidarity with imprisoned anarchist comrades Konstantinos Giagtzoglou, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Nikos Romanos, Argyris Dalios, Dimitris Politis and Giannis Michailides, all of whom recently received excessively long prison sentences under the draconian anti-terrorist law 187A.

The attack was also carried out as a direct response to the attacks by fascist organizations and the Greek State against squats in Thessaloniki, Athens and Volos and in combative insurgent memory of anarchist comrade Lambros Foundas, a member of urban guerrilla group Revolutionary Struggle who was killed by police bullets on the 10th of March in 2010.

We conclude this report with another excerpt from the claim of responsibility:

“Our pain, our denials and our affirmations are armed, they go into counter-attack, they become stubborn, they become cold calculations of probability, they become informally organized and they become collectivized. We cease to mourn and we kill all hesitations, having only our desire to live this war of which so many have said so much as our only guide. Anarchist war against States, the economy, commerce, nations, patriarchy and all forms of enforcement and exploitation”.

(Article compiled by Insurrection News from information published in the Greek corporate media and on Athens Indymedia).



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