France: Statements to the Court from 2 Forest Defenders who were Remanded Following the Bois Lejuc Eviction


Received on 26.03.18:

February 22nd, eviction of Bois Lejuc: The cops processed 32 people for identity control. Five people were taken to the remand centre for different reasons including outrage and rebellion (refusing arrest), of these 1 person was let out directly, 4 others were released 24 hours later. They will have a court date on June 12th.

2 other people were also arrested, taken to remand and refused an immediate trial (this tactic means people have a chance to build up their defense before the court case) they were both held in prison until their court date, Monday March 19th.

Following are statements they made in court on Monday, as well as their penalties.

Declaration of L. (sentenced to 4 months suspended prison sentence): for resisting arrest and refusing to give identity upon her arrest (DNA, fingerprints, photo, name).

Friends, family and those I have been thinking of, I feel detached from all identity. No offence to the judge and to his “god”, I am a multiformed being and a complex reality and therefore irreducible to this artifice.

As you know the root of this word is also idem, identical. No identity can fix me because I am of a reality alive and moving, INDISCERNABLE.

I defend myself in the eyes of an instutution of which I reject the authority. In one act, I refine my perceptions by referring to my own criteria, my experience, my critical sense.

We find ourselves here (and I think I don’t make a mistake in saying this) because we are searching permanently for the source of happiness and beauty.

Beacause we share an intelligent, sensitive and subtle link to the world.

And when this conection is brutal, insensitive, it becomes a filthy pile that we are determined to spread out.

Declaration of Cristal Antem (sentenced to 3 months prison): for participating in a group that came together to commit acts of violence against people or for destruction or degradation of public material.

My name is Cristal Antem, Cryz for those close to me. I have no other identity to give.

I represent nobody but myself. Nobody can represent me.

They asked me if I wished to be judged today. Ok, do it. But I won’t participate in this judgement.

I reject all codes/ norms/ rules/ roles of this spectacle. I won’t be an actor nor collaborator; martyr nor victim; guilty or innocent.

I hope that my friends understand that I make this choice to remain myself. That they won’t be upset at me for my unprepared absence that is surely too long.

I won’t submit to the control of the state.

I refuse to defend myself.

Link to original French language statements

More information in English about the struggle in Bure



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