Vienna, Austria: Revenge for Afrin – Resistance Means Life!


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 22.03.18:

Our hearts are burning with anger over the fascist attack by the Turkish army against Afrin. And so, as a sign of solidarity with the YPG / YPJ fighters in the Rojava region we attacked the ‘Ahmet Yesevi Camii’ Turkish club on 108/3 Tabor straße early in the morning of March 21st. Even though they present themselves to the public as just a ‘mosque club’, they are actually a fascist Grey Wolves organization.

We damaged their windows and left the slogan ‘AFRIN’.

Our motivation for the attack was not their religion or country or origin, but our hatred of their fascist ideology. In late February it became known to us that the Turkish army dedicated a bomb to the club that was used against the fighters of the YPG / YPJ.

While the aggressive war of the Turkish army takes place in northern Syria, many fascist stooges spread their ideology in Europe and support the military aggression of Turkey. A large part of the weapons and equipment used for the attacks against Rojava are also produced in Europe. Our answer: Direct actions against those responsible!

We are not only in solidarity with the antifascist defense against Turkey, we also support the resistant people in northern Syria and their struggle to build an emancipatory society there and around the world!

Fight for Afrin! Fight everywhere!

Anarchist Solidarity Front 161

Text in German


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