Greifswald, Germany: Solidarity Action for Anarchists and Antifascists in Russia


18.03.18: In solidarity with the anarchists and antifascists who have been tortured and arrested in Russia we protested in front of the court in Greifswald (North-east Germany) today, on the day of action for the (political) prisoners and the day of the presidental pseudo-election in Russia. With two banners saying “freedom not torture (A)” and “Stop torture of anarchists and antifascists in russia” we want to send warm greetings to the affected and imprisoned activists, their friends and families.

You are not alone – all around the world there are people who stand behind you!

Stop torture by Russian secret service FSB! Free the prisoners!

Support the activists with solidarity actions, collect money, print leaflets and spread them!

(via Indymedia)

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