Berlin, Germany: #Fight4Afrin – Arson Attack Against a ThyssenKrupp Vehicle


13.03.18: We are off to join the silent majority in this broken country to scream outrage.

For days there have been calls to militantly campaign for the revolution in Kurdistan side by side with fighting groups worldwide, showing solidarity and willingness to attack.

In our eyes, this is not a passive reaction to an offensive by Turkey and its allies, but a continuous consequence of recent years, in which here in Germany, but also worldwide, the ideas of the Kurdish movement have met with fascination and massive resonance of solidarity.

Afrin reveals the full force of the cruelty and materiality of German warfare on the basis of fascist nationalist annihilation ideologies, which Erdogan rhetorically adorns, while the German State does not need to be instructed in this field. It is not surprising that in this country no one articulates publicly that Germany is in a state of war and that Turkey can pass on the names of those who are being persecuted here.

All the more encouraging, the chronicle of the last weeks full of solidarity actions and research, about the connections between German corporations and repressive authorities and the Turkish State. For this we have learned of a new blog, which has published a lot of research which will hopefully give people some good ideas:

Yesterday we found a ThyssenKrupp car, a company that was held in high esteem by Hitler and without whose steel most likely no state in the world could wage war and whose partners celebrate the misery of war with champagne. We torched it.

Will will always remain enemies of these wretched societies.

Form gangs, become active!

We send love and strength to the regions of Kurdistan!

Hold on!

(via Chronik, translated by Insurrection News)


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