North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany: Incendiary Attack by Action Cell Haukur Hilmarsson Against a Car Dealership that Sponsors AKP Regime Events

Early in the morning on 12.03 we placed incendiaries under the vehicles at the side of the company builing and disappeared unrecognized into the darkness of the night. Three vehicles were burned out completely, others were badly damaged by the fire. We noticed with regret that the fire we started was not enough to take out the company’s warehouse. Nevertheless, we were pleased to read that it caused about 75000 euros in property damage.

We join the #Fight4Afrin militant campaign called for by the autonomous groups and greet all the comrades and friends who have used the past nights to vent their hatred and anger against the massacres of the fascist Turkish State and its accomplices and make an irreconcilable expression. We have targeted the ‘Autopark Gütersloh’ at 8 Wilhelmstrasse in Gütersloh because they have recently come to our attention as being a generous sponsor of propaganda events for the AKP regime. Recently the ‘Autopark Gütersloh’ financed the so-called “Atatürk Tournament” on 14.01.18 that was organized by the Turkish Consulate General in Münster.

Since January 20th, the fascist Turkish State, together with Islamist militias has been conducting a brutal and ruthless campaign against the self-governing canton of Afrin in North-Western Syria. For more than 50 days a great deal of historical resistance has taken place with great sacrifices. In the past few days however, the occupiers have managed to get close to the center of Afrin and they are about to close their encirclement siege. The civilian population are threatened with a massacre.

In this war waged by the Turkish State mainly weapons produced by Germany are used. The Turkish army and its Islamist allies are fighting the forces of the Women’s and People’s Defense Units with German Leopard tanks, G3 rifles and German reconnaissance technology. This war is largely prepared, financed and supported both politically and logistically from Germany. As revolutionaries in the heart of the beast, in the imperialist metropoles, we consider it our duty to defend the advanced Rojava project against any attack.
Over the past six years, the Rojava revolution and the building of a gender-equal, ecological and grass-roots democratic society that has been realized there have become an impressive example of hope for us all.
Rojava has proven that another world is possible, and also that it is only achievable by fighting. We will not stand by and watch this revolutionary project be strangled right before our eyes.

We will defend our hope and we won’t let Afrin fall. Therefore, we call again on everybody, each and every night to attack creatively and to give the enemies of freedom no peace. All supporters and financiers of the AKP-MHP regime in Turkey and their propaganda events in the FRG, as well as the German defense industry, sponsors and profiteers of war such as Deutsche Bank, Allianz, AXA, HSBC and many more, as well as representatives of Turkish corporations in Germany and institutions of the German State are legitimate targets that are numerous and available to attack at any time. Anyone who thinks that they can wage a war against our friends without being brought to account will not experience their blue miracle.

In this sense, once again nice greetings to the next federal government and the cops of the State. We do not forget the blood that is on your hands. The day of reckoning will also come for you.

Action Cell Haukur Hilmarsson

(via Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)


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