West Java, Indonesia: Backhoe Torched during Resistance Against Apartment Development Project in Bandung


07.03.18: Residents of RW 11 Tamansari, Bandung, and solidarity consisting of students and communities who are still struggling to maintain their homes are clashing with contractors and mass organizations that supporting rumah deret (mass apartment project). This event occurred on Tuesday March 7, 2018 around 10:00 pm in the area around the Film Park. Citizens and solidarity who want to occupy the Backhoe to stop the development process being held by mass organizations. Because of the defeat, mass organizations began to attack people and students with beatings and throwing stones. Dozens of students and residents were seriously injured and had to be rushed to Sariningsih hospital. A backhoe is also burned by a mass of Tamansari solidarity.

Earlier in the afternoon there had also been beating of some students by mass organizations and construction contractors. This incident was triggered by Backhoe who operated to continue the development of the house series, some solidarity masses who protested it even got a negative response to lead to violence by members of mass organizations and contractors. Whereas the process of lawsuit SKK DPKP3 which became the basis of development is running in PTUN Bandung. The judge has also stated that the construction process is suspended until a court decision is made. In addition, development activities have not received environmental permit and AMDAL.

According to Law no. 32 of 2009 on Environmental Protection and Management in Article 37 states that a business and / or activity that is required to have an AMDAL shall have an Environmental permit. In the absence of AMDAL and environmental permit, the development organizer shall be threatened with criminal sanction as provided in article 108 which is a maximum imprisonment of 1 year and maximum of 3 years and a fine of at least Rp 1 billion and at most Rp 3 billion.

On the incident the victims of the residents and students have reported to Polrestabes. Citizens feel that their human rights, especially the right to security, have been disrupted by intimidation and development activities carried out in violation of the law, especially in the event of a crime that takes its toll. Hence citizens and solidarity demand that the government and the contractor be responsible for all the above events. The event was immediately welcomed by the solidarity masses with a quick response action in Bandung City Hall, Wednesday, March 7.

(via Agitasi)

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