Paris, France: Arson Attack Against a Turkish Agent’s Car by Revenge Team Şehid Avesta Xabûr in Solidarity with Afrin


08.03.18: The Revenge Team Şehid Avesta Xabûr torched a car belonging to a Turkish agent in Paris to express their anger at the fascist Turkish State and its attacks against the people of Afrin.

The revenge team was named after Avesta Xabûr, a YPJ fighter who fell in the historic resistance in Afrin against the fascist Turkish State and its occupying army. In a brief explanation of the action, they stated:

“We have already made it clear that as Kurdish youth we will not remain silent about the attacks of the fascist Turkish State. All who work as agents for the Turkish State and its institutions are targets for our revenge actions. We make it clear again – we will respond as Kurdish youth to every attack against the Kurdish people, our chairman Rêber APO (Abdullah Öcalan) and the revolution”.

Video of action HERE

(via Roja Ciwan, translated by Insurrection News)

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