Rojava: We Promise the Mothers of our Martyrs from US, Brittany & Spain – Afrin Will Not Fall & We Will Defeat Turkish Fascism!


Received on 27.02.18:

Your sons, like thousands of children of Kurdistan, were not afraid of Turkish fascism; nor are we. We have never and will never be. They were one of us. So in the name of pomegranates of Manbij and olive trees of Afrin, we will avenge them.

All that is dishonorable and dastardly has been concentrated in our rotten enemy. Yes, our enemy is rotten to the core and is disassociated from all that is human through a warped chauvinism. We will defend honour and dignity of being a human. That means we fight for freedom. We refuse a life if we are not able to breath, to think, to walk, to speak, and to act freely. Because our air is blessed. Our mind is as clear as our sky. Our land is sacred. Our courage is like our mountains; magnificent and invincible. Our language is beautiful. Our life is noble because we believe that to live is to resist.

Besides jet fighters and drones which are a product of the latest high-tech, our enemy has lies and deceit atheir weapons. Whereas, we are warriors of truth. We strive and strike for a revolution of truth. Truth for us is a meaningful life in motion. In other words, truth is the expression of the liberation of communal existence. We have learnt this truth from our commander-philosopher Serok Apo. Our loyalty and gratitude to Serok Apo is unmatched. We constantly wage a war against all that would prevent us from embracing victory which is a liberated and meaningful life. Failure is not an option for us. 

On the way to victory, our martyrs are also our commanders. Martyr Zilan who turned herself into a weapon itself and detonated herself at the heart of the enemy twenty two years ago is for example one of our commanders. She said: ‘The life I lay claim to is truly great. I want to be blessed with a meaningful life and to carry off a grand action. Precisely because I love human beings so much and I love the life itself, I would like to execute this action.’ Martyr Robin, Martyr Zana, Martyr Kendal, and Martyr Baran too were blessed with a meaningful life. To confront Turkish fascism is itself a grand action and it requires an immeasurable courage and determination; qualities that our four comrades absolutely had. They loved human beings and the life itself to the extent that they stood up against the most reprehensible form of genocidal kleptocracy, that is, the Turkish fascist regime. Şehid namirin! Martyrs never die! Because a meaningful life of resistance and a grand action is irreversible. No tyranny can undone what is done in the name of resistance againstdespots. Our martyred comrades live on within and through our struggle. They live on in our will to resistance. This is why there is no death for our martyrs. This is where we get our strength from. Let’s our blood in our veins desiccate lest we forget our martyrs! 

Under the command of Serok Apo’s philosophy and of our martyrs, we are now defending Afrin against Turkish fascist state and its Daesh and al-Qaeda affiliated gangs. This is the most nefarious alliance the world has ever witnessed. They are murdering children, unarmed women and men, and elderly. They are robbing people and destroying the nature. They are deliberately targeting civilians. They are mutilating bodies of our martyred female comrades. The more they receive blows from our comrades in YPG, YPJ, and QSD, the more barbarous they become. But as we destroyed gangs of ISIS, we will punish those who are tying to trample on the beautiful Afrin too. We will defeat them and tear apart their arrogance. We will lacerate their vanity and crush their will. By doing so, we will be stripping off themselves from their own bestiality and preventing them contaminating our sacred land, sky, rivers and lakes of Afrin. This is our vow to Serok Apo, to our martyrs, and to mothers of our martyrs.

Long live the resistance of Afrin!

Long live YPG, YPJ, and QSD

Biji Serok Apo!

YPG International 

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