Greece: Update on the Hunger & Thirst Strike of Anarchist Comrade K. Yiagtzoglou & Latest Solidarity Actions


Received on 27.02.18:

Comrade Konstantinos Giagtzoglou is now on hunger strike for 5 days and on thirst strike for 2 days. Today he was taken to the prison infirmary after feeling heavily illdisposed. He now weighs 55 kg (he originally weighed 61 kg). Despite their promises, there is no news today (Monday) from the Justice Department regarding his demand to be permanently transferred to Korydallos prison.

As far as solidarity actions are concerned, a few dozen anarchists have occupied the central building of the National University of Athens which is located right in the middle of the city.

There have also been a few more attacks in the name of Dinos:

  • A group of anarchists attacked the outside area of Volos prison with Molotov cocktails on 25/02/2018
  • A group of anarchists attacked some riot police squads that were stationed around Exarcheia neighborhood in Athens with Molotov cocktails on 25/02/2018
  • A group of anarchists attacked banks and corporate offices in the central street of Patras on 26/02/2018
  • A FAI cell called “Collaboration of Unyielding Anarchists -FAI/IRF” claimed responsibility for 5 incendiary attacks against a known fascist’s cars, the offices of an extreme right wing TV station, a diplomatic vehicle and the offices of a fashion design firm that belongs to the wife of the leader of the “New Democracy” political party (it’s the largest right-wing party in Greece and also the leading opposition in the parliament nowdays)


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