Greece: Anarchist Prisoner Konstantinos Yiatzoglou Kidnapped from Korydallos Prison by EKAM (Special Anti-Terrorist Unit)


24.02.18: UPDATE 1 – Today at 06:45AM EKAM (Special Anti-Terrorist Unit) invaded Korydallos Prison and violently kidnapped the hunger striker Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou. Konstantinos resisted as best as he could as the masked and uniformed EKAM entered his cell and assaulted him. They then put him in handcuffs and violently dragged him out of his cell while he was in a dazed state from the assault. The wing of the prison was put on lockdown but the prisoners banged on the doors and cursed the cops. So far the wing is still on lockdown.

UPDATE 2 – As soon as the hunger striker Konstantinos Yiagtzoglou was removed from his cell a special transport team took him accompanied by heavily armed members of EKAM. The hunger striker was kidnapped without even letting him bring his clothes, personal belongings or even his medication.
A-wing is still on lockdown as the prison authorities are frightened about the reactions of the prisoners. This is the second time in a month that EKAM have kidnapped prisoners from A-Wing. And all this occurring under the so-called left-wing Syriza government of ‘rights’.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)

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