Turkey: Wave of Incendiary Attacks by DGH and DGKH in Solidarity with the Defenders of Afrin

The Revolutionary Youth Movement (DGH) and the Revolutionary Young Women’s Movement (DGKH) have published a written report of the actions they have taken for Afrin. On their balance sheet, the young people assessed the situation in Kurdistan and called everyone to take action on their own initiative. All actions would serve as support for Afrin and against the plot against Leader APO (imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan).

The balance of the latest actions is as follows:

February 2nd:
In İzmir, Revenge Unit Şehîd Özgür was assigned to carry out an action against a packing factory in the Torbali Atatürk industrial area. The action resulted in material damage of millions of Turkish liras.

In Bursa, in the district of Yidirim, an action was carried out against a Turkish military building. Two enemies were wounded in the action. The action was carried out by Revenge Unit Şehîd Doga. The unit was able to escape from the scene without any problems.

February 4th:
In Istanbul, in the Ümraniye district a car belonging to an AKP collaborator was torched. In Dudullu district a factory belonging to another AKP collaborator was completely destroyed. The burnt factory resulted in material damage of several million Turkish liras. The action was carried out by Revenge Unit Şehîd Avesta Xabur. The unit escaped from the scene without any problems.

In Mersin, in the Yenişehir district, a bombing was carried out against a police station, injuring two enemies. The Revenge Unit Şehîd Zana, who carried out the action, were able to escape the scene without any problems.

In Mersin, in the Toroslar district of Mevlana, our units carried out a Molotov attack against a city bus, burning a large part of it. Our units ended the action with the slogan ‘Long Live the Resistance in Afrin, no life without Leader APO, Serî Hilde!’

(via Nûçe Ciwan, translated by Insurrection News)

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