Athens, Greece: Molotov Attack Against the Ukrainian Embassy by the Aleksey Mozgovoy Brigade


At dawn on Saturday, January 20th, 2018, we attacked the Ukrainian Embassy in Athens with Molotov cocktails. We attacked the diplomatic mission, the police post and the embassy vehicles.

Our attack was a response to the coup and the nationalist insurgency organized by the United States and the European Union in November 2013 in Ukraine. The former Soviet Republic is a major gas transit route from Russia to Europe therefore it has to be fully tied to the US and EU chariots. Today Ukraine is under the banner of a coup d’état under the supervision of the IMF, with Nazi battalions being an organic part of the official

Our attack is a sign of honor to the murdered anti-fascists from 2013 to today, and especially to the dozens who were slaughtered at the ‘House of Trade Unions’ in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014. Respect also for the leaders of the anti-fascist struggle Aleksey Mozgovoy, Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) and Pavlov (Motoroloa) and also to all the anonymous milita members who fell with guns in their hands.

Our attack was a warning message to the Greek State and Capital. To the interests, choices and plans of the Greek urban bloc and its governments. Foreign Minister Venizelos’s visit to Ukraine in March 2014 (when Greece was the EU’s presidency), Prime
Minister Samarra’s statatement that “these are people who are fighting to enter the EU” during the referendum, referring to the nationalist rebellion of Maidan and Tsipras’s visit to Kiev in February 2017. And not forgetting the hospitalization of injured Ukrainian nationals of the National Guard at the KAT Hospital in Athens.

Our attack has been a reminder to the revolutionary movements and peoples of the world that criminal alliances such as NATO and the EU have no moral reservations. To defend their interests – especially in periods of deep capitalist crisis, where the world rejoins – they finance, equip and train Nazi invasion battalions, plan provocations, organize coups and stimulate ‘orange revolutions’.

Our attack was a sign of solidarity with the anti-fascist rebellion that broke out in Eastern Ukraine in April 2014, in honour to the Ghost Brigade and the international team of volunteers from around the world who fought with it and an indication of solidarity with the armed conflict against the Nazi / neo-liberal government of Kiev.

The popular resistance that is based in Donbass is facing conspiracies – in particularly difficult circumstances – also in the West of the country. Especially now with the proposal of the Ukrainian President to establish a UN force in the regions of the Democratic Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, the passage of a recent law describing the Democratic Republic of Donetsk and the Democratic Republic of Lugansk as ‘temporarily occupied’,
calls for full freedom of movement for the army and the supply of arms and anti-tank weapons from the US to the Ukrainian army may also mean a possible resurgence of war in the region. A war that will not be defined by the Minsk Accords but will give more
and more territories to the West and collide with the power of the oligarchs.

Our attack, between actions by other comrades, has been a contribution to organized and militant anti-fascism. Nowadays, as the far-right / fascist political space re-emerges, the anti-fascist movement must be fully alert. Events during the rally for ‘Macedonia’ in Thessaloniki must alert us. Massive participation in a nationalist demonstration, attacks on the ESC School and occupation of Libertatia, tolerance and close relations of affection between the police and fascist groups, the emergence of General Frangou as the central speaker and the organic assembly of church / extremist / fugitive / fascists do not allow for complacency. Not so much for the operational capabilities of this franchise, but for its attempt to form a far-right / fascist political branch. Because the experience of Ukraine shows us that for Capital, fascism will always be a valuable reserve for it.

Today the anti-fascist movement must be organized seriously and longterm against the underlying deification of spontaneous, hollow threats and arrogance, precariousness and lack of strategy. To learn from the mistakes of the movement in Ukraine prior to 2013 and to equip itself politically and materially. It must form combat organizations, capable of bearing the political and military weight that corresponds to them, to crush the battalions, to crush fascism and the system that gives birth to it: capitalism.

Attack the neo-liberal / Nazi government of Kiev
Solidarity with those who fight fascism in Ukraine and every corner of the world

Aleksey Mozgovoy Brigade
Athens, 02.02.18

PS: Solidarity with the ESC School and the occupation of Libertatia. Solidarity with the five anti-fascist protesters who were arrested in Thessaloniki on January 22nd. Solidarity with those who were on the streets on Saturday 03.02 against the Golden Dawn and on Sunday 04.02 against the nationalist rally.

(via Athens Indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)


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