Turkey: Anarchist Prisoner Şevket Aslan on Hunger Strike for Over 80 Days


10.02.18: The anarchist prisoner Şevket Aslan who is being held in İzmir T Type Prison in Aliağa Şakran, is on the 81st day of what he describes as an ‘endless and irreversible’ hunger strike until his demands are met. Şevket went on a hunger strike with the same demands on July 19th and ended it on the 53rd day. Since these demands were not met he has begun a new hunger strike. Şevket’s main demand is to be recognized by prison authorities as an anarchist prisoner and to be transferred to another unit or prison that houses anarchist prisoners. If this is not possible he wants to be moved to a single cell.

Şevket is currently housed with another prisoner in what prisoners describe as a ‘coffin’ – a cell designed for one prisoner that contains a bunk bed. There is barely any room for them to move inside the cell.


1– To be recognized as an anarchist prisoner by the prison authorities and transferred to a unit or another prison where other anarchist prisoners are housed, failing this, to be transferred to a single cell

2- To be able to receive books that are not banned

3– That the prison stops “losing” his written complaints, appeals and requests that he sends to official institutions and that he is given the exit numbers (tracking numbers) for them

4– Termination of shoe removal rule except for open visits and health reasons

5– An end to prisoners having to stand for excessively long periods of time while waiting to see prison administration

6- That the prison allows him to paint and allows him to receive oil painting materials and have access to the painting workshop

(via International Prisoners’ Association)


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