Santiago, Chile: Noise Bombs in Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchist Comrades Ignacio, Kevin and Joaquín


Wednesday, February 7th. We continue with our custom of mocking the authorities. Vandalism as an action, as an expression of rage against this sick society and its sad infrastructure.

As we have previously stated: “The streets of Santiago at night are ours when we decide to indulge in the luxury of vandalizing its symbols”. And so we did it again, placing three noise bombs, this time, under cars, inside a Mormon church and a few steps from the home of a drug-dealing bastard. We caused a bit of disorder on the periphery of the streets, without a doubt we will certainly go for more.

We express our ideas through the facts, using whatever form is valid. No one will tell us how to do things, for this reason we act without leaders, nobody sent us, nobody does it now and nobody ever will. Only our autonomous desires guide us on the path that we have chosen.

Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the prisons, strength and total complicity with the comrades Ignacio Muñoz, Kevin Garrido and Joaquín García.

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)



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