Indonesia: Kulon Progo Farmers’ Struggle – Video and Call for International Solidarity


Received on 07.02.18:

Short documentary about the farmers’ struggle and organizing against a mining development in Kulon Progo, Indonesia.


Kulon Progo is an area in Yogyakarta region of Java, Indonesia, which has been threatened with iron ore mining since 2006. the construction of the mine by an Australian-based company Indo Mines Ltd would see farmers’ loss of land and livelihood. Their resistance is truly inspiring!!!

This is a detailed information on the farmers’ position:

Click to access position-paper-summary.pdf

More recently the Kulon Progo farmers have been facing another struggle, this time against an airport construction:

If you are outside of Indonesia, there is always scope to organise events in solidarity with the farmers’ struggle in Kulon Progo, whether that be a fundraising gig, film screening, banner drop or anything else.

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