Zurich, Switzerland: Arson Attack Against the Turkish Consulate


During the night of Sunday (28.01) to Monday (29.01) we set fire to a car on the grounds of the Turkish consulate on Weinberg street in Zurich. We are in solidarity with Rojava and the canton of Afrin, which is currently being attacked by the NATO state of Turkey and allied Islamist militias.

The Turkish state has always been an enemy of the advanced Rojava project. We recall the collaboration of Turkey with the gangs attacking Kobane, the recurring skirmishes along the border between Rojava and Turkey, or the intervention of the Turkish state along with Islamist groups of the Free Syrian Army to create a zone between Afrin and the cantons Kobane and Cizre. The attack on Afrin is now an escalation of the conflict on a new military level. Everything that Rojava stands for is and remains a thorn in the side of the Turkish state with its reactionary, Islamist and nationalist ideology.

We would like to take this opportunity to condemn the support of the capitalist and imperialist states who are allowing this escalation. The attack on Afrin shows that these states cannot be strategic partners in advanced projects. The USA and Russia gave Turkey the green light to attack Afrin and thank the comrades of the YPG/YPJ for defeating the so-called ‘Islamic State’.
In principle, the NATO countries do not want to upset Turkey, the geopolitical significance of this state remains so high that it will absorb any provocation of the Turkish army. Germany ponders at least delaying the supply of new tank parts to Turkey – but Sigmar Gabriel of the SPD* is also known for being jointly responsible for the enormous increase in armaments exports from Germany. Switzerland as part of EFTA**, wanted to sign a new free trade agreement with Turkey as Zeybekci, the Turkish Minister of Economic Affairs, was at the World Economic Forum in Davos recently, while Rheinmetall Air Defense (subsidiary of the German Rheinmetall, which is to deliver the above mentioned tank parts) in Zurich-Örlikon continues to produce weapons for export. So we do not measure all these states and actors by their diplomatic statements, but by how they enforce their interests, and all their actions suggest that they will never be friends of Rojava.

For about a week now, Afrin has been attacked by troops of the NATO state of Turkey along with Islamist militias. They have not made any significant progress during this time. The fighters of the YPG/YPJ stand together with the armed population and resist the invaders. There are mobilizations in solidarity with Afrin worldwide. Just as we took to the streets for Kobane, we have to take to streets again today. It is up to us to take responsibility and defend Rojava. Because Rojava is also our project, Rojava is our hope too. If Turkey attacks Rojava with its Islamists, it will attack us as well. Let’s fight back! Let’s defend Rojava!


(via Barrikade, translated by Insurrection News)

*Social Democratic Party of Germany

**European Free Trade Association

Note from Insurrection News: According to information appearing in the corporate media, the fire was discovered before it could cause any significant damage.


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