France: Freedom for Georges Louis!


Recived on 19.01.18:

Our comrade Georges Louis, union representative at the CGT (General Workers Confederation) and a militant of the Secours Rouge Arabe (Arabian Red Help), was arrested again. At 4.30 AM, 10 armed and masked policemen and 4 civilian policemen took our comrade after breaking his door and devastating his appartment. Georges is now held and questioned in Saint-Denis, we don’t know for what reasons he was arrested. In the context of the State of Emergency, Georges was already two times forbidden to demonstrate: on February 23 at the occasion of a students demonstration for Theo (raped with a baton by a police officer), and on May 7 for the second round of presidential elections. Georges was then arrested on October 10 in the context of the wide repression against the opposition movement against “Labor Law XXL”. Following this arrest, he was charged and convicted in November to 5 months in prison suspended for “violence against public authority representatives” and “participation in a group formed to prepare violence against people or destruction of goods”.

In his statement at the Court, Georges was very clear regarding his commitment and his militant practices. His co-workers know him as a devoted and combative union representative and we know him as an active militant of the international solidarity movement. He was always present in the mobilisations for revolutionary prisoners, wether they were communists, anarchists, antifascists or anti-imperialists. As our comrade is once again confronted with repression, as his relatives and friends are prevented to know the reasons of his arrest, we express our warmest and whole solidarity with Georges Louis.

Secours Rouge Arabe, Arabian Red Help (Paris),
Secours Rouge International, International Red Help (Brussels, Zurich)
January 17, 2018.

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