Sydney, Australia: Hunger Striking Detainees at Villawood on Lockdown & Denied Visits by Border Force


18.01.18: Around 160 detainees at Villawood in Sydney are continuing their hunger strike – now in its fourth day. (Thursday, 18 Jan), over the draconian restrictions to visiting.

In an attempt to break the hunger strike, Border Force has locked down the striking compounds. All visits have been banned. Activities and appointments have been suspended. Border Force has also threatened to cut medications because ‘you are not eating.’

On Tuesday night (16 January), a Fijian diabetic detainee was rushed to hospital after collapsing inside the centre after 48 hours of hunger strike and lack of medication.

Border Force officers held meetings, today (Thursday, 18th) with the striking detainees inside the Villawood detention centre after admitting to representatives of the hunger strike two days ago that there had been no consultations before the announced changes.

But with the visiting restrictions still in place, the hunger strike continues.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

(via Refugee Action Coalition Sydney)

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