Italy: Green Hill Is Not Over!!


Received on 12.01.18:

July 18th, 2012

An historical day: Green Hill is closed by the authorities.

Before that date, a grass root campaign drove thousands of people to streets and demos and demonstrations against Marshall Bioresources, owner of Green Hill beagles farm and one of the biggest vivisection multinational companies in the world, and against any cage, any form of slavery and exploitation, and form of dominion.

The campaign lasted for more than two years. The thousands of activists that took part wrote some of the most inspiring and exciting pages of the total liberation movement history.

What happened clearly demonstrated how common people, with their own forces only, with no delegation to parties of big associations, could fight against and win over a giant of capitalism.

That day, 2639 beagles could exit those gates and escape from their fate.

But that day was far more that this. It was the day that it was clear to everyone how direct action and grassroot activism could break the wall of silence, show what lies beneath closed doors of labs and breeding farms. It was the day people realized to have the power to fight and set free anyone whose life is segregated in cages, prisons, laboratories.

It was the day capitalism was menaced by the mere force of protesters. The day today’s society heard its foundations cracking sounds.

But that day it seemed that Green Hill gates could be shut down by authorities, rules and laws, police and judges only. The truth was concealed behind a curtain of normalization. The power started to narrate the tale of good government, good laws, animal welfare, isolated cases of “horror farms” and “inhumane behaviour”.

Good laws and good judges ordered to shut the farm down. Beagles could be saved.

The campaign, already weakened by right wing infiltrations, melted like snow.

Revolution wave shattered and died.

Any urge of change and justice was buried under the “together for animals” and “we are their voices” and “animals do not care of politics” empty slogans. People, once again, gave their power up and let other to fight for them. To decide on their behalf.

Green Hill gates were shut down, beagles were free and safe.

The whole matter could be forgotten.

No more cargos are leaving Montichiari (the town where the breeding farm was located).

But vivisection is not over.

Only, nobody seems to care any more.

At the same time, nobody seems to care about the trial that is going on against three former Green Hill workers and two ASL (governative institutions that is in charge of animal welfare in labs, farms, etc.) vets that were in charge of Green Hill inspections, Roberto Silini and Chiara Giachini.

They are under indictment for animal abuse, and the killing of thousands of “defective” dogs. Dogs that were affected by pathologies that could be cured, but whose cure was considered anti-economic. A loss for the company.

The two vets are also accused to have constantly informed Marshall managements of governative inspection calendars and of any ongoing investigation.

Between 2008 and 2012 6023 dogs have been killed.

On February 7th it will be held the probably last hearing of the trial. Should we let it go on quietly and secretly, these people will never pay for their crimes.

As already happened to Green Hill veterinarian, Renzo Graziosi, who was sentenced to one year of prison (sentence suspended) and six months of professional interdiction (a kind of holiday, isn’t it?).

To us, the Green Hill shut down is not enough. Its accomplices, those who cooperated to torture and kill thousands of animals must pay.

Farms, labs, exploitation sites exist and will continue to exist all over the world.

Our fight for Animal and Earth Liberation is not over. Our fight for Animal and Earth Liberation will never stop!

(via Contagio Antispecista and Earth Riot)


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