Germany: Sentence Review Rejected for Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Lisa


Received on 10.01.17:

In December, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) rejected the sentence review for our comrade imprisoned in Cologne. Her sentence of 7 and a half years is now final. Our comrade now wishes to be extradited to Spain to serve the rest of her sentence so she can be closer to friends and family. In the meantime she still remains in the same prison in Cologne and can receive letters…

Lisa, nº 2893/16/7
Justizvollzuganstanlt (JVA) Köln
Rochusstrasse 350
50827 Köln (Germany)

Meanwhile, also in December, the Aachen Prosector’s Office has withdrawn their appeal against the acquittal of our comrade in Holland after almost a year. We are very happy for her!

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