Buenos Aires, Argentina: Poster & Text Calling for the Freedom of the Anarchist Comrades Detained on December 14th


Text of poster:


Arrested on 14/12 at the demonstration against the pre-judicial
reform, transferred to the penitentiaries of Marcos Paz, Ezieza
and Devoto.

The State seeks to pacify the struggles with vigilance, raids,
trials and imprisonment.

Let’s not let ourselves be intimidated!

We call on everybody to be on the street.

This Tuesday, January 2nd, from 10:30AM, the appeal hearing will
be taking place in room 2 of the courts in Comodoro Py.

Strength and freedom for the anarchist comrades who face imprisonment!
No law will stop the revolt.



To ask for justice in this police society, is to ask only for  jail. It is to delegate the whip, the torture and the  guillotine. To ask for judgement and punishment in turn from the
State, is to ask God to be a fire that consumes prisoners. It is to ask the judge to order repression, and then to demand justice for the murder of a Protestant whom the police (or any force) themselves, repressed via the same judge’s order. It is a total hypocrisy and an infamy. A president, a politician, a religious  leader, an employer, an entrepreneur, a capitalist, a judge, a  policeman, a prison guard, or a conformist working or aspiring to be powerful, will never attack their work, and will defend and justify it. They believe that this is just a reflection of the good work the system did to make its believers submit and conform. Law and order was invented and sustained by those who  justify the privileges of the State, Capital and the Religion that oppress us every day. The vigilante seeks revenge for the theft of his property, for being humiliated and against those who disagree with his religion, for not respecting his power, for rebelling against his authority and for not adapting to the earthly and divine system. The citizen desperate for justice claims that by paying his taxes daily, he owns the security forces, and that they should respect him and take immediate action against those who violate his property or threaten his life or the life of someone that they care about. They always think (like good bosses) that they should be better avengers and do their dirty work more efficiently, that they are useless employees paid for with their taxes. And not being able to achieve this makes them feel used and frustrated. But in spite of everything they still trust in the law and hope that one day there will be earthly or divine justice.

The Judge: The executioner, the executor of the law, the corrector of antisocial behavior, the king of punishment and condemnation. There are no good judges, they are all legal
criminals. They are the finger of God. The rifle of the fatherland. The prison guard protecting private property. The representative and defender of Power. The Power. In a labor trial he manages the wage whip, in a case for the theft of property he manages the prison whip. In a Religious trial he oversees the moral stoning. In a trial against humanity, he is, and always will be, the most inhuman. The solution would be very simple if the problem was understood. If you look with an open mind and open eyes at nature, you can see the nature of all things including humanity which is also part of it. Trees have roots like all of humanity. Fires caused intentionally or by lightning have caused devastation, burning hectares and hectares of forest. Just like what authority has done to humanity, throughout history. But if  the roots of life remain intact inside those trees, life grows once more. Authority can be burned and razed to the ground, but its authoritarian roots continue to exist, it is replaced continuously, and so all that destruction will be in vain. Likewise, comparing a tree to a person in this society would be unfair to the tree. This is because they continue with their solidarity and fraternal purpose throughout the journey of  life. Humanity does not. It is absorbed by Power, authority,  ambition, control and indifference. Trees grow according to the climate where their seeds have been scattered by the wind, so they have no borders. But the human believes that they were planted by a superior, perfect being for the sole pupose of serving and worshiping him. Dividing people by races, genders and imaginary lines. The trees dance with the wind, they feed on the sun and the rain. The humans fight them, fear them and use them for profit. The trees convert carbon dioxide and the sun’s energy into oxygen, this is their gift, providing pure air to the other inhabitants that surround them. Humans feel ownership of everything that surrounds them, and for that reason, and only for their own benefit, they share their wealth just a little.  The forest creates a vast, inexhaustible source of flora and fauna, of unlimited possibilities for life, of multiple species and protection against climatic shocks. The current societies are in a constant competition of exploitation, submission, selfishness and contaminating devastation of all who inhabit the world…Precisely because of this, I cannot be part of this injustice. I can’t because I am aware of the origin of this injustice that they call justice. I prefer to be a participant in the social revolution, to destroy and remove Power at its roots, along with the authority (human and divine) and the laws that justify it as well as their supporters. I recognize the roots of so much agony and this is why I support all direct action against the authority in today’s society, whether it is carried out individually or collectively. Because I know that this is the only way that there will be true justice for humanity and for the world that we inhabit.

For the freedom of all the prisoners.
For the destruction of all the prisons.
For Anarchy.


(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)


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