Argentina: Everything Motivates Us, Nothing Satisfies Us – About the Revolts of Dec. 14 & 18 in Buenos Aires


Received on 25.12.17:

And the rage overflowed.

And it should be clarified that many of those that found themeselves involved in the revolts of Thursday the 14th and Monday the 18th of December were not there to stop the pension reforms by supporting legalistic measures, much less defending citizenship rights. We were there for everything, we were there for nothing.

I was not there rejecting the pension reform because I reject the reforms, because I reject all law. I was not there for the retirees, because I detest that a life without work and the right to leisure is only given when the wrinkles are plentiful and the bones crack.

I was there because I wanted to be there. For hatred of the police and of all authority. Do I have to say everything? What do I seek to break the forms of normative relationships to create others? What do I seek to expand and empower myself in the self-determination of my desires? Do you need more? The misery, money, hunger, smog, factories, boredom, dogmas, drugs, politics, politicians, debts, duties, work, school, in short: the State, the Capital, the authority…Did it have to be said?

At the same time and in the same place.

These two days we met face to face, hood to hood, facing the police, building barricades, knowing that the next day everything will be the same as before but that the moment
that was lived was one of those that appear in insurrected minds when sleeping.

Between comrades and autonomous, self-convened people with a strong hatred for the police, we confronted, ran and resisted the police attack, cars and containers were lit, tiles, glass and facades were broken; walls were painted with phrases against the State, the Government and, also remembering Rafael and Comrade Santiago; spontaneous attacks were coordinated, barricades were improvised and molotovs were launched; the
lackey state press was attacked; those suffocated by the tear-gas and also the wounded were helped by the same dissenters; there were robberies in some buildings; we jumped and we sang against the police, also so that all the governors go away and that they do not return; we saw excellent forms of combat and an excellent insurrectional capacity that wasn’t premeditated. Life was glimpsed by disobeying and seeing the rage overflow.

Always on our own side and not with the party left side we lived moments that will remain as the most beautiful and intense of our lives, and not a rosy beauty, a beauty with all it’s complexities, with tears and sadness, with wild joy and tension, a lot of tension.

Today as yesterday we were there, sharpening the conflict.

Without generating an analysis comparing the revolts of 2001 with what happened now in the course of this December of 2017, and without seeking the pros and cons to sharpen this conflict or propose certain forms of organization so as not to fall back on the failure of the past, we rekindle the memory and accept the failures.
The failure of 2001 will probably be replicated in this pseudo destitution process (if perhaps it was not the inaction of the “people” on seeing the reforms approved) but it is
more, perhaps all rebellion or all insurrection, even the best orchestrated, with firm foundations and accentuated projects, which aims to organize social life, will fail.

We do not put expectations in society and their ability to rebel, even we refuse the false hope that the people can live without government, we don’t seek consolidations or new conditions of popular organization such as those intended in 2001.

We have plenty of reasons to seek and generate conflict in society. We propose destruction and the spread of chaos in all its flashes. We want the rebellion against the all establishments knowing still that this one will not bring with itself answers or solutions to the miserable form of life that we face.

Without waiting for the next great manifestation, the anarchic rebellion pushes to be constant.

The fight against the police is one of many faits accomplis if we want to live our lives free from the apparatuses of Domination. Being there in that conflict, apart from being fun, is necessary both as a demonstration of collective strength and as individual satisfaction.

But the invitation came on the other hand, from a side that sympathizes with the anarchists only when it suits them. And it is not a pleasant motivation to be motivated by proposals from others, especially when we have the creativity and determination on our side.

It can be preoccupying not to have the decisive and incisive capacity to sharpen moments of tension but when the crowd does not coincide the affinity group becomes present, without forgetting that we can always count on our individual capacity.

There are no answers or solutions only words that claim to be action.

This small and incomplete analysis is a brief and incomplete release for what happened in these days and what does not. While the weight of the anguish is present because of the comrades who remain imprisoned for this very reason, we take a few moments to
reflect, because the revolt has need of everything but there are fundamental analyses about anarchy, there are too many who speak but never act, and never about anger…that always overflows, that always explodes.

And our projectuality will continue to maintain our convictions without falling into depressing fundamentalisms or cheap populisms, and you know: the anarchists were there, knowing that we go through a Black December, with our fallen comrades always present; we were for everything. For all we long for, without asking for anything.

May the rage expand and continue to overflow!

(translated from the Spanish language text originally posted by Con el Fuego en las Pupilas)

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