Santiago, Chile: Coordinated Incendiary Attacks Against Banco Estado Branches in Memory of Anarchist-Nihilist Comrade Sebastián Oversluij

During the hours before dawn of December 14, 2017, anonymous hands acted in an evidently coordinated manner placing incendiary devices in Banco Estado (State Bank) branches in the city of Santiago.

The first incendiary device was discovered in a Banco Estado branch located at the intersection 28 of Grand Avenue at around 2AM when it was dicsovered by a passer-by who had entered to use the ATM. Police personnel, GOPE (Special Operations Police Group), Labocar (Forensics Investigation Police) and members of the Southern Prosecutor’s office were quickly mobilized. But the night was just beginning…

In the district of Mapu, the Banco Estado branch on 1774 Alfredo Silva street began to burn from inside as the result of the activation of an incendiary device, with firefighters having to attend the scene to extinguish the fire.

Finally, in the commune of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, specifically at the intersection of Central Avenue and Calbuco, a third incendiary device was defused by police personnel.

A spokesperson for the public administration, Claudio Orrego stated that: “(the incendiary devices) were apparently linked with the death of an anarchist. The truth is that irrespective of the cause, violence and the use of explosive devices, is absolutely out of place in a democratic system like ours. We are going to make complaints for all three cases and the proscecutor’s office are already initiating investigations via the 0S9 department of the Carabineros”.

At the scenes of the three incendiary attacks, leaflets were found in memory and rememberance of the anarchist comrade Sebastián Oversluij, which were not shown or mentioned by the media. We recall that the anarchist-nihilist Sebastián Oversluij participated in the bank robbery of a Banco Estado branch in the Pudahuel commune on December 11, 2013. After entering the temple of capitalist accumulation armed with a submachine gun the miserable bank guard William Vera repelled the assault by killing the anarchist comrade.

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)

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