Chile: Bombs Case 2 – Juan found Guilty, Nataly & Enrique Acquitted of all Charges, Enrique Rearrested following his Release


21.12.17: Yesterday the judges, those who are defined as representatives of power and of all that is supposedly good in this world, protected by laws and penal codes, attacked with their sentences those who defy the established order. Just as the guillotines were lowered and the electrical currents were unleashed, the gallows tensed on our comrades who still remained irreducible after the lengthy inquisitorial processes.

On this day the courts of justice intended to tear our comrades apart with years in prison, to destroy in a clinical and methodical manner the lives of those who raise their heads against the established order.

In September 2014, the prosecutor’s office initiated the process against various comrades for the explosive attacks against police stations and locations linked to metro / subway stations. The prosecutor finally prosecuted Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Enrique Guzman under the anti-terrorist law following a long process of more than 3 years in pre-trial detention and about 9 months of trial.

Today, December 21, 2017, three individuals self-defined as superior to all returned to arm themselves with judicial codes and laws to decide whether they would accept or reject the delusions proposed by the persecutors represented by both the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior and several private plaintiffs who were seeking life imprisonment, punishment, sentences and financial penalties.

In a ritual that legitimizes, validates and even defines its own authority, the verdict was finally delivered as follows…

*Los Dominicos Metro Station Attack*
Major felony offence + gun control law: Juan found guilty, Nataly and Enrique acquitted.

*Police Station #1 Attack*
Major offence qualified as damage + gun control law: Juan, Enrique and Nataly acquitted.

*Sub Centro Attack*
Major offence qualified as terrorist attack: Juan found guilty.

*Possession of gunpowder*
Gun control law: Juan and Nataly acquitted.

And the individual situation of each comrade was as follows…

Nataly and Enrique: Acquitted of all charges.

Juan Flores: Guilty of detonation of an explosive device (Los Dominicos Metro Station) + detonation + causing 6 minor injuries and placement of a terrorist device (Sub Centro) + moral damages.

For the first time the court successfully used the anti-terrorist law to gain a conviction, following a series of failures in previous cases (the original Bombs Case, against comrade Luciano Pitronello and against comrade Hans Niemeyer, among others). In the eyes of the prosecution the verdict was historically important in this regard, as it validated their use of the anti-terrorist law over the last decade.

The court case also highlighted the continuing incongruities, contradictions and scientific delusions of the DNA experts whose ‘evidence’ ended up being inconsequential to the outcome. The bullshit ‘expertise’ of the LABOCAR scientifc police only ended up proving the intentional and directed use of their skills to support the views of the accusers.

Finally, on March 15, 2018, the sentence will be declared, and the full details of the verdict will be read out, along with the number of years of imprisonment for the comrade Juan Flores.

In the afternoon, comrades Enrique Guzmán and Nataly Casanova were released from the Maximum Security Section and San Miguel Prison respectively.

Nataly and Enrique: Welcome back to the street and all the love of family, friends and comrades!

Insurgent solidarity with comrade Juan Flores!

Down with the anti-terrorist law, down with the police state!

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Turba Negra and Insurrection News)

Update on Comrade Enrique Guzmán

From various counter-info and Chilean corporate media sources we have learned that comrade Enrique Guzmán was rearrested and detained shortly after he was released from prison.

This was due to a complaint made by the Prosecution that the comrade allegedly made threats against an attorney from the Municipality of Los Condes. The complaint was filed at the Nineteenth Police Station in Providencia. According to various reports the comrade was rearrested in Puente Alto and then transferred to Providencia to be charged. At this stage it is not clear whether the comrade was then released or if he is still in custody, we will provide an update as soon as the situation becomes clearer.

(via Turba Negra and various other sources)




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