So-Called Australia: Support Needed to Keep Prison Writing Journal ‘Paper Chained’ Going


Call for Donations


The first publication of Paper Chained was funded solely out of the pockets of a member of the Running Wild Collective who is a low-income earner and full-time student. The journal unfortunately cannot be sustained this way going forward and we are asking for assistance from the community to cover basic costs.

Costs include the lease of a PO Box to make submissions of writings accessible to those in prison ($129 per year), printing of journals so that we can send publications to people in prison and to community centers (roughly $5 per journal) and postage costs. We are aiming to raise $350 to cover the costs for 2018 – a relatively small sum if shared but a lot for one individual to take on.

The first edition of this journal offered a space for people affected by prison to share their creative voices and their stories, it would mean so much to us to continue to offer this platform.

Please donate if you can and spread the word about this fundraiser!


(via Running Wild)

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