Greece: ‘Green Nemesis Act 3’ – Christmas Poisoning Campaign by Green-Black Commando

18.12.17: A communique posted on Athens Indymedia by ‘Green-Black Commando’ titled ‘Green Nemesis Act 3’ warns that the group have poisoned several drink products including Coca-Cola with hydrochloric acid and that they will be replacing the items on supermarket shelves from December 20th to December 24th. The communique is accompanied with photographs showing the poison being injected into the products. Here is a roughly translated excerpt from the communique…

“In the days leading up to Christmas thousands of people leave their sofas to do their essential shopping for the Christmas table filling their empty existences with consumerist waste packaged with beautiful and glittering wrappings. All this takes place as millions of living creatures are slaughtered in order to reach the tables of the living dead, drained to the last drop of blood to satisfy their taste needs. We realize that this occurs all throughout the year, however during Christmas this phenomenon is accelerated”.

Full communique (in Greek) and additional photos here:

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