Chile: New Message from Anarchist Prisoners Nataly Casanova and Juan Flores as the End of the ‘Bombs Case 2’ Trial Approaches


A new approach to individuals in permanent conflict with power and comrades in solidarity anywhere in the world.

More than 3 years of our imprisonment and more than 8 months of oral trial for the so-called ‘Bombs Case 2’.

The time spent in prison emphasizes at each moment the meaning of the life that we consciously choose since we feel the need to confront this reality of extermination and devastation with its relations of power and submission, in order to truly live, we approach unavoidably to some kind of conclusion…

We have been imprisoned for more than 3 years for maintaining our position against the system of domination, without showing any remorse. Since we could not deny ourselves, let alone what this struggle against power means, in which many comrades have been taken from us, it has been a necessity for us to keep them present from our thoughts to our actions, in order to continue being complicit with them, destroying the borders of time and space.

More than eight months ago a trial began against us, one that we clearly do not feel part of since we have known for a long time that we are the only owners of our existences, no matter where we are. Being brought to this place every day means feeling the physical confinement even more intensely, being handcuffed, kept in small cages and searched daily. Despite all this we have been more closer during this time than we could be during more than two years in prison.

We are letting you all know that in 2 or 3 weeks we will be close to the end of this trial. We wait for its end once and for all, since the length of this process was only due to the public prosecutor’s zeal for presenting his ‘proof’ until he was tired… (his presentation went for 7 months). we know that this case is quite fantastic in relation to the reality.

Now all is said and done, here we are, finally accused:

1. Explosive attack on 09.08.2014 at the Subcentro Escuela Militar (a shopping centre in downtown Santiago). (Juan is accused of this). An attack in which notice was given to the police (on number 133), according to them with only 3 minutes before the detonation. Information which do not doubt has been manipulated, because after the warning no police procedure was followed, not even the warning was made public. The consequences being the already reported injuries.

2. Explosive attack on 13.07.2014 at the Los Dominicos metro station, the device detonating more than 10 minutes after it was found by a metro employee on a metro car seat. (Nataly and Juan are accused of this attack).

These two actions were claimed by the comrades of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

3. Explosive attack on 11.08.2014, a device was placed under the private car of a police officer, in the parking lot next to 1 Police Station in Central Santiago. (Nataly and Enrique are accused of ‘facilitating’ the device to Juan, who is accused of placing it).

In principle, Juan was also accused of placing an explosive device at the 39 Police Station El Bosque. This supposedly occured on 11.08.14, only 10 minutes after the explosion at 1 Police Station, places separated by an much greater distance in time…a situation that insults logic and is only possible in the imagination of the public prosecutor, so this accusation was finally withdrawan, however he still used this as a piece of evidence throughout the trial.

Both actions were claimed by the International Conspiracy for Revenge.

4. Nataly and Juan are accused of black gunpowder possession.

The Prosecutor’s Office and others are trying to condemn us to these facts under the anti-terrorist law and condemn us to the tombs that are their prisons requesting life in imprisonment for Juan, 20 years and 1 day for Nataly and 10 years and 1 day for Enrique.

This process only seeks via its repressive police, media, judicial and prison forces, to be a blow and a demonstration of force against individual deniers of its power.

This is a ‘process’ that since our imprisonment on 18.09.2014 has taken more than 2000 police to stop us, in the midst of a media feast. Police from various institutions such as GOPE (Special Police Operations Group), LABOCAR (Laboratory of Criminal Investigations), DIPOLCAR (Directorate of Carabineros Political Intelligence) and PDI (Investigations Police) among others, many of whom participated in this trial as witnesses and / or experts, with reports from event sites (by GOPE), evidence gathering (by LABOCAR and DIPOLCAR) and the intelligence gathered by the Carabineros in charge of this case.

With techniques such as DNA, they intend to link us to these facts, DNA of complex mixtures, to the limits of detection and other technical complications that do not deliver or have any scientific certainty, and furthermore, only through the controversial, biased interpretation and even manipulation of the tests by the LABOCAR police, as we could see throughout this trial. In addition to subjectively seeking to justify through our positioning, a relationship with the facts. Facts of which we have argued not to be the authors, but for which the Prosecutor’s Office is an extremely important element due to the vagueness of their accusations.

Today it is necessary for us not to give in to the blows of our enemies and to respond to every action by comrades in solidarity that have been with us during this confinement, from different parts of the globe – Argentina, Brazil, Greece, to name a few. Their different ways of continuing and spreading the conflict are important for those of us who live in prison, and today we want to embrace them once again.

We are still clear that nothing that they intend to determine will be enough to end our desire for freedom. The freedom of the imprisoned comrades, and the very necessity of their destruction are part of our approaches and objectives, so that touching, and colliding with these wall can only reinforce this need…

Today we want to send greetings

Fraternally to Byron Robledo, the comrade run over by a miserable driver of a Transantiago bus in defense of the property of the rich. To break the passivity and show solidarity with Byron!!!

A hug in the distance for comrade Konstantino Yagtzoglou, kidnapped in Athens, accused of attacking former Prime Minister and IMF employee Loukas Papademos.

Solidarity with the CCF comrades, and a hug of complicity for Freddy Fuentivilla, Marcelo Villaroel and Juan Aliste, always attentive and willing to show solidarity.

We welcome the freedom of Hans Niemeyer and Javier Pino.

Likewise, the release of the 8 Mapuche prisoners in the so-called Operation Hurricane and the comuneros acquitted in the Luchsinger McKay case.

Nataly Casanova from the walls of San Miguel Prison and Juan Flores from C.D.P. Santiago Prison 1 (Ex-Penitentiary)

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)


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