USA: Announcing The Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement – NYC Community Bail Fund

Received on 06.12.17:

RAM NYC is proud to announce the launch of our Community Bail Fund and the first successful release of a person from the New York City jail system. 

Unable to afford bail and facing minor charges, Max* was about to be sent to Rikers to await trial, before our intervention spared him the horrors of the Island. Now he is back at home, and because he still faces charges, we continue to work with his family to connect them to additional resources.

Without being convicted of any crime, people are forced to remain behind bars because they cannot afford exorbitant bail. In actuality, these high bail amounts function as ransom against being held in brutal and violent conditions, and makes it almost impossible for families to mount a legal defense for their loved ones. 

RAM NYC, in tandem with the larger Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement, is now laying the groundwork for what was outlined in Burn Down the American Plantation. We are creating revolutionary infrastructure that is immediately and ethically aiding people who are held in captivity by the white supremacist state. Revolutionaries desire to materially change peoples’ lives for the better and within RAM NYC we are now taking our first steps in that process.

We understand that the political system is written with fundamental anti-black politics. The politics of abolition, then, must be underwritten by a willingness and desire to reach into the plantation system; to liberate those in captivity; to spread revolutionary ideas, to offer a concrete political and social alternative, and to raise the mantle of black liberation to the forefront of our movement.

The RAM NYC Community Bail Fund intends to release one person per month from Rikers Island or central bookings in NYC. We primarily focus on bail amounts under $3,000. When court proceedings are complete, bail money is returned to the RAM NYC fund and we can continue to bail out other people.

We realize any amount of time inside the prison walls is destructive, and potentially deadly, and every bit of support is meaningful. Through this project we will further the abolitionist cause for freedom.

To support this project:

*His name has been changed to respect his privacy



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Twitter: @RevAbolitionNYC



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