Brazil: Operation Erebo – The Hunt Against Anarchists in Porto Alegre Continues


Received on 02.12.17:

Today, November 30, 2017, Operation Erebo attacked anarchists once again. They invaded some houses, stealing things and destroying everything in their path. At this stage we don’t know whether any other homes were invaded. Communication is precarious since we don’t know the levels of police intervention. And this time nothing was broadcast in the media.

Even when the storm seemed to have calmed without any arrests or information about the operation, we are sure they are looking for us. Unlike other incursions, Operation Erabo appears to move slowly but surely.

We remain strong, determined and still during these persecutions, certain that the love of freedom cries stronger.
The shows of support and solidarity are not lacking and the different positions of anarchism have remained firm in their rejection of authority and with their arms extended to their comrades. It strengthens us.

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Arms extended to our comrades, clenched fists for our enemies!

Let us live anarchy!


(translated by Turba Negra with some editing by Anarchist News)

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