Italy: Anarchist Prisoner Davide Delogu Suspends his Hunger Strike on Day 25


We have learned that today, 29.11.17, Davide suspended his hunger strike.

After 25 days of hunger strike, Davide has gone from a body weight of 87kg down to 72kg.

During the 25 days of hunger strike, Davide refused any kind of medical examination or treatment.

In recent days, Davide has mostly been in bed and has been suffering from motor-coordination problems and vision impairment.

This morning, Davide was summoned by Gelardi Antonio, the director of the Augusta Prison (SR) and was told he would be removed from isolation. He will now be able to return to a unit and associate with other prisoners.

Croce Nera Anarchica / Anarchist Black Cross

(translated into English by Insurrection News)

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