Frankfurt, Germany: German Association for a Christian Culture (DVCK) Centre Attacked by Autonomist Feminists

“During the night of November 16, 2017 we attacked the headquarters of the Christian fundamentalist group DVCK (German Association for a Christian Culture) in Frankfurt.
With a fire-extinguisher full of pink paint and some political slogans we redecorated their whole building.
This is our response to the backward and anti-emancipatory developments of recent months.
Due to their disgusting actions such as ‘mourning’ protests outside abortion counselling centres, we became aware of this dirty orthodox association.
This form of protest is an attempt to intimidate pregnant women and all people who want to educate themselves about sexuality and self-determination. In this patriarchal society that we unfortunately live under, women are forced to undergo counselling from pro-family institutions when they seek advice on abortion.
 Abortion is every woman’s right!


Anybody who interferes with our self-determination must always expect to be disrupted, attacked and stopped everywhere!

In the aftermath of disruptions against the meetings of this sect, which also has links to fascist Croatian circles, house raids took place last week in Frankfurt.

That these ideologies go hand in hand is not uncommon. The March of the Thousand Crosses demands, among other things, an abortion ban with the aim of preventing the so-called death of the nation. Death of the nation? That would be great!

In Giessen, there is currently a lawsuit against a doctor who provides information about abortion on her website. This shit too, is due to fundamentalist influence and the superfluous anti-abuse legal clauses.

In Brazil, feminists have to fight against medieval changes in the law that prohibit abortions, even in the case of rape.

All this we cannot and will not tolerate!
Our actions are justified and will hopefully serve as inspiration!
Solidarity with all concerned!

In addition, we would like to send rebellious greetings to our friends who were imprisoned during the G20 protests.
The enemies of freedom our ours!

Some autonomous feminists

(via de.indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)



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