Buenos Aires, Argentina: Responsibility Claim for the Attack Against the Casa de la Provincia de Rio Negro


Received and translated by Insurrection News on 29.11.17: 

Within 24 hours of the ‘official communication’ regarding the expert’s report on the body of our comrade Santiago Maldonado, murdered by the Argentine State, and while the head of government for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires gave a speech on a stage mounted in front of the National Congress for a crowd gathered in an act of praise for a certain ‘god’, a few blocks away we carried out a liberatory action against all kinds of authority, whether it be religious, miltary, or any influence of ‘Homeland’ or State hierarchy: we attacked the Casa de la Provincia de Rio Negro, destroying its facade and leaving a banner with a message demanding freedom for Facundo Jones Huala, who is imprisoned for being Mapuche.

This action was carried out in response to a context of continuous aggressions and repressive attacks against the struggle that the Mapuche continue in defense of their land against extraction, pollution and dispossession of the remaining lands that they continue to live on after 500 years of looting and despite billionaire entrepreneurs like the Italian Luciano Benetton and the British Joseph Lewis, who in connivance with the Argentine government continue to keep appropriating.

It is in this same coercive and oppressive situation that on the same day the State took the life of another Mapuche peñi (brother), Rafael Nahuel, and also wounded with lead bullets other members of the Lof Lafken Winkul Mapu, near Bariloche, during an operation they launched to hunt down Mapuche, facts that were covered up with the repression reported as ‘clashes’ by the main allies of the government, the mass media of misinformation.

We vow to reproduce every act of repudiation in response to the repressive force that the murderous State deploys against any being, at any time and place, particularly in these moments of viciousness against the sovereignty of the orginal peoples, especially the Mapuches, who the government and the media falsely represent as the embodiment of internal enemies, demonizing their mere existence, their culture and ancestral customs.

Freedom to Facundo Jones Huala, solidarity is more than words.

Comrade Santiago, may your death never rest in peace, may it rise on the warpath against all authority.


Translation notes: 1. The Casa de la Provincia de Rio Negro (House of the Province of Rio Negro) is a building open to the public where people can obtain information from officials representing the provincial State in Buenos Aires.

2. The attack took place on the 26th of November.


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