Santiago, Chile: Sabotage Action Against Metro Line 4A by Santiago ‘Brujo’ Maldonado Sabotage Gang


Crowded metro station due to disruption caused by the sabotage action.

Early on Monday, November 20, the railway lines of the Santiago 4A metro line, near the La Granja metro station, were sabotaged with concrete and other material [1]. We could not allow things to continue their normal routine the day after their democratic election feast. It is not enough for us to just call on people not to vote, we decided to position ourselves against the State and its logic of control and domination over our lives. We are against the State – one of the highest expressions of the exercise of authority that tortures and represses; we are against their democracy with its illusions of social change offered by the powerful and accepted by the citizens.

Our choice during this and all election processes is the permanent subversion that shows that a free life is created from the destruction of the authoritarian order and the necessary violence against the oppressors and their power structures.

With this act of sabotage, we extend and send greetings of complicity and solidarity to all those who from this side confront power and its defenders.

To our imprisoned comrades in the prisons of democracy: Nataly, Juan and Enrique who this week will feel the punishment of the State and its authorities. To Marcelo Villaroel, Juan Aliste, Freddy Fuentevilla, Joaquin Garcia, Natalia Collado and Sol Vergara.

Solidarity with the comrades imprisoned within the context of Operation Scripta Manent, our brothers and sisters of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and the anarchic comrade Konstantinos Yagtzoglou and to the comrades persecuted by the Brazilian State via Operation Erebo.

Against the State and its democracy
Our only choice is organized violence for total liberation.

Santiago ‘Brujo’ Maldonado Sabotage Gang

[1] Corporate Chilean media coverage of the disruption caused by the sabotage action

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

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