Greece / Worldwide: Call for an International Day of Action Against State Terrorism – December 6th, 2017


Received on 24.11.17:

6 December 2008 , 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos is shot point blank by cops in the neighborhood of Exarchia in Athens. Alexis falls from the bullet of state murderers and a hurricane of rage rises. This was no accident; it was a targeted murder in the heart
of a neighborhood that is, as much historically as in the present, a hub for the oppressed to organize themselves into the resistance movement. The message was clear, to terrorise the resistance, to assert state totalitarian control, to stifle the brewing insurrection against a decrepit system of exploitation and oppression. The story of Alexis is the story of thousands of fighters shot, tortured and disappeared by the armed guards of the state around the world.

In the hours, days and weeks that followed the murder of Alexis myriads of people, who saw in the killing of Alexis their own sufferings in this system, took to the streets around the world. The wave of solidarity broke the isolation and alienation of the oppressed and awakened once again the global vision for a world without exploitation from authority. This history, our history is not a collection of dead symbols. It is our storming ground for

the ongoing struggle against the slavery of humanity by capitalist exploiters, their state aparatus and their armies.

States are founded on terrorism and violence. When the political system is losing all legitimacy, when it faces the real prospect of mass uprising, it shows its claws, it becomes
increasingly violent to hold on to its power. In this ongoing “crisis” of the political system we, the oppressed classes, are experiencing an attack on all fronts. Sweeping eradication of all that the workers’ movement had achieved with sacrifice and struggle, harsher laws against the impoverished, harsher prison regulations, totalitarian control of public space, mass incarcerations of migrants, violent repression of prison uprisings, criminalization of resistance, counter-terrorist legislations, martial law in our cities, isolation prisons for political fighters. The police is at the forefront of this attack, as the armed guards of the state. Tortures and “accidental” deaths in police stations, violent repression of mobilisations with brutal beatings, chemical weapons, plastic and even real bullets and mass arrests. This is the mosaic of state terrorism.

Remember remember the 6th of December! The state has every interest in wiping out our history in order to wipe us out. We must not let an inch of ground to this onslaught. We must defend our history as our own living selves. We must defend our neighborhoods and spaces of resistance, our self-organized projects, our ground where we live, meet and where we organize to fight back.We must defend our struggles against state terrorism by all means.

We call for an international day of action against state terrorism in remembrance of…

Santiago Maldonado kidnapped and murdered by paramilitaries, Argentina 2017
Pellumb Marinkolla thrown out of a police station window, Greece 2016
Remi Fraisse killed by stun grenade, France 2014
Ilia Kareli tortured to death by prison guards, Greece 2014
43 young students kidnapped and murdered by cops, Mexico 2014
Michael Brown shot by cops, Ferguson (USA) 2014
Berkin Elvan shot by teargas canister by riot cops, Istanbul 2013
Mark Duggan shot by cops, UK 2011
Dimitris Kotzaridis killed by teargas, Athens 2011
Lambros Foundas shot by cops, Greece 2010
Stefano Gucci tortured to death by police, Italy 2009
Inigo Cabacas killed by rubber bullet, Basque country 2009
Giuseppe Uva beaten to death in a police station, Italy 2008
Alexis Grigoropoulos shot by cops, Greece 2008
Gabriele Sandri shot by cops, Italy 2007
Oury Jalloh burned alive in his cell by the cops, Germany 2005
Federico Aldrovandi beaten to death by cops, Italy 2005
Carlo Giuliani shot by cops, Italy, 2001
Sole e Baleno led to suicide in prison, Italy 1998
Christophoros Marinos excecuted by cops, Greece 1996
Halim Dener shot by cops, Germany 1994
Conny Wessmann killed by car when chased by cops, Germany 1989
Michalis Kaltezas shot by cops, Greece 1985
Iakovos Koumis beaten to death by riot cops, Greece 1980
Stamatina Kannelopoulou beaten to death by riot cops, Greece 1980
Francesco Lo Russio shot by cops, Italy 1977
Isidoros Isidoropoulos killed by car when chased by cops, Greece 1976

…and of all the unknown and unnamed ones. We don’t forgive. We don’t forget. Not a step back.


Athens 23/11/17

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