Kiev, Ukraine: Anarchists Attack the Offices of Kyivgaz and Kyivenergo in Protest Against Gas and Electricity Tariffs

In Kiev, anarchists carried out a series of actions against Kyivgaz and Kyivenergo – two companies that have a monopoly in providing gas and electricity services to the city.

At one of the offices of Kyivenergo, slogans were painted calling on people to boycott the tariffs. The Kyivgaz central office was warned with a volley of firecrackers. The headquarters of Kyivenergo on the left-bank was attacked and set on fire.

One again the authorities have decided to earn money from us by raising tariffs. Most people can barely make ends meet.

We call on people to reject the arbitrariness of the authorities and to boycott the tariffs! Refuse to pay those who rob the people!

(via Revdia, translated by Insurrection News)


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