Milan, Italy: Anti-Fascist Action for Animal Liberation

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On the last 30th of October several antispeciesist activists met in front of the courthouse of Milan (Italy).

They came from various cities in an independent and individual way, without any flag that could identify their origin or identity (there were only international antifascist and antispeciesist flags), and, with their presence, they wanted to offer solidarity and unconditional complicity to the comrades on trial.

Comrades who are “guilty” of a direct action which took place on the on the 20th of April 2013, when they penetrated inside the Department of Pharmacology of the University of Milan liberating 401 non human individuals: 400 mice and a rabbit.

Individuals among the most oppressed because, not only they suffer the violence of the enslavement and the segregation in cages, but they also continually have to be subjected to terrifying tortures for a useless idea of beauty or safety of human life.

Those activists, with their action, wanted to open that tomb of mystification that surrounds animal experimentation.

A lie which embrace all the vivisectionists who try to justify what they do attempting to give an explanation in terms of useful applications, “ontological” obligations, in reality they do it because the total control of the other animals, the impunity that it derives from ensure them fame, money and glory, artificial sensations of satisfaction.

The distortion which sees torture as an act of “necessary” amusement is the proof that qualify them as dangerous individuals.

The lords of the horror pseudo-science, of the supremacy of the white coat stained with blood and tears, they are as cold as crazy (in the derogatory meaning of the term namely the absolute lack of adaptation to concepts such as comprehension, sense of shame, respect for beings who are defenceless at that moment), and they are hidden among us.

These “researchers” with silent and hypocritical movements are the continuation that guarantees the disaster, the destruction of the balance between the living beings.

Absolute enemies of life, standing before the precipice which they contributed to dig, they will be obliged to answer for all this, their culture of the abomination and of the total absence of any glimmer of compassion will end and a new vision, diametrically opposite to the futility of their religion, the dogma of the ineptitude-centric superiority, will start.

No dictatorship is eternal, none.

Supporting with determination, actively promoting another vision and other looks that could wipe away the narrow-mindedness and the rooted culture of dominion, of individuals-puppet manipulated by immense crystal companies, of smiling foot soldiers, of pawns who are aware of the direct responsibility for the food and health market ideology, in the pay of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, of the giants of food industry.

As antispeciesists we believe that best contribution which can be given to the care and the improvement of life is the complete separation, the sidereal departure from these oppressors who feed the disease machinery and bring it toward a dead end tunnel.

The dignity and the hope to be well necessarily have to go together, carefully, without oppressing the freedom of others and the hope of those who put themselves, for absolute necessity, in terrifying submission. The sit in, which lasted all morning, was attended by a considerable number of people, setting the next event for the 15th of January 2018, when the third hearing will take place.

The initiative of the 30th of October is part of the International Week for Antispeciesist Actions, in memory of the anarchist comrade Barry Horne, as it was stated several times during the sit in and to recall the anniversary liberation of Kobane: symbol of the fight against patriarchy, capitalism and every hierarchical regime.

For animal, and therefore total, liberation, no compromise until every cage is wrecked.

(via Contagio Antispecista)

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