Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against a Transantiago Bus in Solidarity with Mapuche Political Prisoners


(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)

During the night of October 6th, 2017, encapuchadxs (hooded ones) blocked traffic on Macul avenue, stopped a Transantiago micro bus, forced the driver and passengers to get off and then set it on fire.

Police and firefighters arrived to put out the fire and found leaflets at the scene in solidarity with Mapuche Political Prisoners.

The incendiary attack was carried out without any injuries or arrests.

Transcript of the leaflet found at the scene:

Freedom for revolutionary prisoners.

Progress continues to torture, imprison and prey on those who decide to live their lives against it. The State with all its bastard institutions are the ones who dominate and sedate us day by day while the land is decimated. The war in Wallmapu continues, and the prisons of Capital are still packed with comrades and the list of those murdered by the State and the defenders of capital continues to grow.

Enough, enough, enough, time to end this social tragedy.

Freedom for the prisoners from the Church Case and Operation Hurricane. Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners

Freedom for all anti-authoritarian prisoners

Fire to the prisons.


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