Wallmapu / Chile: Communique from Mapuche Political Prisoners Rodrigo and Jaime Huenchullán Cayul


Mapuche political prisoners locked up in Angol prison, RODRIGO HUENCHULLAN CAYUL and JAIME HUENCHULLAN CAYUL, detained within the context of ‘Operation Hurricane’, declare to national and international public opinion the following:

1. We categorically reject the judicial-media frame-up prepared by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and endorsed by the government of Ms. Bachelet, to try to convince public opinion that there is a coordination between leaders for the burning of trucks. The crude frame-up that tries to link us with the arson attacks has the sole purpose of delegitimizing the territorial and political claims that the Temucuicui Autonomous Community have been working on for the last few decades and to frame us as mere judicial subjects. We would also like to state that this strategy is due to economic and political interests that are present in the Mapuche territory that the government once against manifests its submission to.

2. In regard to the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco*, we reject the prosecution’s theory that makes us appear as though we are subordinates of this organization. As we have pointed out on other occasions, although we respect the political position of the CAM, we do not share it nor do we need other organizations to guide us or to raise our demands. The Temucuicui Autonomous Community has a line of thought and political action of its own, which has been evident at all times when we have been invited to present our leaders in other communities and at universities and public events.

3. This ‘strategy’ represents for us the crime against humanity of political persecution, in which a systematic attack by the government against the Mapuche leaders has been set up for racist and political reasons, through imprisonment, to crudely try and link us to terrorist attacks.

We continue our imprisonment with dignity and patience, knowing that the lies of the prosecution will not prosper.

Finally, we would like to thank the people who have expressed their support and who know that this set-up will finally end in aquittal.

The Resistance to continue to exist as a Mapuche is not terrorism.



(via Publicacion Refractario, translated by Insurrection News)

*Clandestine Mapuche resistance group who have claimed responsibility for many arson attacks against logging trucks in the Wallmapu.


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